Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Read Those Signs

Since the weather has been very warm lately 
we have been going down to the beach or the river
where it is usually at least 5 degrees cooler than the city.
So no hikes in the city park lately.

Yesterday we went 'down to the river to pray',  (click for a great tune!!)
oopps, that's a song and totally another post!!

Where was I....oh yes, at the river yesterday, 
well we were very aware that this river can be treacherous.
And had no plans to jump in.

Not to say that Sophie didn't have her plans for a dip!
Rest assured everyone, this first part of the river,
which heads out to the Atlantic Ocean,
is very safe and has a little way to go
before it becomes tricky.

And besides, look who was supervising the whole thing!
Ron in the dune grass taking full advantage of this beautiful setting.

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