Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rock-Climbing 101: Do's and Don'ts

This is where I found Ron when I caught up with him at the park today.

Not quite sure what he was looking for or where he was going for that matter.

He is a climber.  When I can't see him in the garden I usually find him up a tree.

So today was no great surprise when I saw him scaling this rock face.

And as you all can see he was totally prepared for this adventure!!


He freaks me out when he 'starts these climbs' of his.

He thinks I am over-reacting but surely he can be more prepared, don't you think?

So please, if you wouldn't mind, help me here with suggestions (strong ones) for him.

What are the things that he has totally neglected to recognize 
and that could help prevent a fall?

He won't listen anyway, never does. But it just may begin to sink in if you suggest it.

Of course this 'climb' proved to be a safe one.

And at least he wasn't up a tree somewhere!!

So can you spot some "don'ts" that Ron could consider for the next time?

Please? For me?!

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