Friday, August 16, 2013

Getting To Know Me

A couple of photos I found recently:

The above photo was taken in May 1955 
outside St. Joseph's Rectory in Halifax.

I remember this day so well. I felt so special.
It was a very important 'rite of passage'
in our church....First Communion.

I loved the fact that everything  from top to bottom 
had to be white and crisp! Yes, my shoes and socks
were white too.

Back in those days everyone had to fast from the night 
before if one was going to receive Holy Communion
the following morning.

And you know how hungry 7 year-olds get!
There must have been almost 100 hungry kids that morning.

Fast-forward three years......
this is me on a Saturday morning at my grandfather's office in downtown Halifax.
I am sure it was a 'make-work' program of sorts that my grandfather
thought up to show me a different  world. He was a private investigator 
having been retired from the police force.

So every Saturday morning I would hop on a bus
 and head downtown for three hours to do general
office work like stamping receipt books (TONS of them I remember!).

I absolutely loved this routine which lasted about a year or so.
My grandfather was rather eccentric (I didn't know that at the time)
and as I entered his office, which was also his home, 
I could hear this very loud opera music coming down the
stairs to greet me.

He would also make me a lunch during which time he would tell
me stories from his past or about what he felt about the 
'news off the day'.

I really enjoyed my visits to my grandfather's.

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