Friday, August 23, 2013

Getting To Know Me

You know something? This series of  'getting to know me' is allowing me to stop,
 think back and observe what the past was like in my life.

So, two more photos I have found. The first one is my family at 'half full'!
The second was 8 plus years later when the family was at it's max!

This photo above, I believe, would have been taken in the fall of 1952.
Bernard was the baby around 4 months old. He was the largest baby
and weighed 12.5 pounds.
It's looks like one of our Sundays excursions
 as we are all dressed up and in all likelihood
had been to church.

This was when there were 5 children: l to r in back me (4), Jo-Ann (6), Marilyn
with her head cut off (11).
In the front is baby Bernard, Dad (37) and Dennis (2).

Mom must have taken this photo. 
Oh yes, see those blazers
Jo-Ann, Marilyn and I are wearing? Mom made those. 
She was very good at sewing and I must say I remember
watching her make these. The piping along the pocket edges
and collars were very hard to do and I remember her frustration in getting it perfect!

The things one remembers.

So fast forward 8 years or so. Here I am holding a deck of cards (no idea why!)
with 'baby' Bernard to my left. In front is my youngest brother Laurie.

I can remember this time very well. There were 13 people living in our house including
my grandmother and uncle. It was close quarters to say the least. 
But we took it in stride.

The 'older boys' would always be getting into trouble....
that would be me, Dennis and Bernard.

Well, we would have been 12, 10 and 8 years old
and you know when you have that mix and gender
there was no way Mom could control us all of the time.

We would just be bad! Get all wound up and run all over the place screaming
 and waking up the baby and pushing Mom to the edge!

Mom would have to call Dad at work (he worked from 8 AM to 9 PM 
most days of the week) but he was home for lunch.

That was all we needed to shut us down! A call to Dad. 
He would either talk to me on the phone, as I was the oldest boy,
or he would come home. And that was never good!

There were so many of these good times when I was a kid.
How my parents managed to 'entertain' us all is beyond me.
But they did and I am forever thankful to them.


  1. Oh, these photos are a joy! Wouldn't you just love to have that blazer (well, a blazer like it) now?!?

    1. That's a great idea Mitch! Now to find a pattern for adults, dig out my sewing machine and I am ready!! Phew! That was tiring!! lol

  2. Those were the days when people really did wear their "Sunday best" to church. I remember doing that too. Right down to wearing little white gloves, if you can imagine such a thing LOL!

    1. Yes Debra. Remember those days? It was an important day of the week and there was a certain excitement in the air about the whole preparation.
      My sisters wore those white gloves!! Different times indeed.

  3. I absolutely adore these "getting to know me" posts!

    You were such an adorable child, as are your siblings. Your mother was a SAINT! I don't know how people do it. My MIL raised 9, and I'm still having trouble with ONE sometimes :(

    1. Hi Lisa. You know, I think they (our parents and their parents) were made up differently than us....we were spoiled by them and never had to 'rough it' as most of them had to. Just a theory. Times are different on so many levels now.

  4. Hey Jim! I am so enjoying this series of posts. And I love old family photos ~ these are adorable and filled with love. Both of your parents worked very hard! Piping ~ OMG! My brother and sisters were all close in age and little hellions! But it was fun and we all survived. I think that it is much better for kids to grow up in shared bedrooms with no TVs, computers, and other technology. A radio and a flashlight (for reading under the covers after lights out) are AOK though! I can hear a of of "buts" from younger people like my nieces and nephews! LOL!

    1. So true Louise! You know I never got my own room till I moved to Wolfville to attend Acadia! That ended pretty quick now didn't it!! lol Still don't have my own room! But I am not complaining.

  5. Yup, calling 'dad' at work was getting out the big guns back then. And if they had to come home, watch out! LOL...

    I really enjoy these posts, Jim. Isn't it fun going through old photos and reminiscing?

    1. Sure is fun Martha! Amazing that some details of that time are still intact!!

  6. You dad still looks the same.
    I loved having a full house. There was always something going on, someone getting in trouble and good times to be had.

    1. He hasn't age that much has he.
      I loved a full house! Always someone to go to from that great mix of characters and personalities. Wouldn't have had it any other way, Stew! Not that there was any choice in the matter.

  7. Your mum must have worked very hard on the blazers. I remember the matching outfits Mother made for us. My blog post today is a note from Franklin to Sophie. I think Cupid shot Franklin with an arrow. He can't stop thinking of Sophie.


    1. My Mom did work hard on those and many other things.
      LOVED Franklin's love note to Sophie!! hey, maybe a 'fall wedding' is in order!!

  8. I love these walks down memory lane. I may start doing this myself, it must be good therapy!

    1. It is Joanne. Seeing the past from a more mature perspective can be good.
      I think you would like it.....I find I have to be really honest with my 'look-backs'(?), not that I would lie about it but it's good to give the past a good look in the eye, I feel. Then more on of course.

  9. Great points Jim....It was always easy to find the faults with your parents, it is another to state or admit, that we may have been luckier than we think. Does aging make us see more clearly?

  10. Such wonderful photos to have, to bring back those memories.


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