Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday Morning Post

At the Park.....

Fun and colour on the Northwest Arm.

Catching the shot!

Sophie had a ball with this Bernese Poodle mix.

Canadian Navy supply ship coming into Halifax Harbour.

Red Suirrel at a feeder in the Park.

A crow checking out Shakespeare....

Enjoying the view.

This little bee was rolling all over the pollen on the rose.

At the border.....

This is the 'undefended border' between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. 
Pretty safe, I'd say!

We were meeting friends and they brought along their new puppy, Hendrix.

Sophie approved but couldn't understand all the fuss.

Taking a break at the border rest stop, Ron laid down on the grass 
and Sophie followed suit.

Giant rose hips at the border....the size of crab apples!

At the river.....

At high tide this grass in underwater.

Sea Lavender  was speckled throughout the above sea grass.

Haven't seen this here before at the river.

As we turned the corner and headed toward the ocean, 
the fog was evident but beginning to 'burn off'.

The sun burning through.

At home.....

This is one of many Gooseneck Loosestrife blossoms we have growing in the garden.


  1. Amazing shots Jim -- the one of Sophie and Ron in the grass is my favorite. xo

  2. Great collection, Jim! Hendrix is adorable. Looks like Sophie has a new friend.

    Those fog pictures are pretty amazing. I've never taken photographs like that. I should give it a try next time fog is around.

    I love that photo of Ron and Sophie on the grass.

  3. The flora is beautiful; the rosehips are truly amazing! I can't believe Sophie didn't find Hendrix completely irresistible.

  4. Great shots. Love the red squirrel. Love the fog. Never haerd of Sea Lavender

  5. Interesting and fun shots -- I see why they call that "gooseneck" loosestrife!

  6. You guys sure know how to live life as it should be lived. I loved to see rosehips and a bee. If bees don't show up here when the rabbit brush blooms next month, I know we are losing them for good.

  7. I love your photos on saturdays-I have never seen such large rose hips before, and Hendrix is a cutie for sure

  8. These photos are beautiful, Jim - the colorful sails, the sea lavender, the fog and those giant rose hips.
    Hendrix is adorable; he looks like a stuffed animal.

  9. Was that Bernese Poodle a boy or a girl? You know I'm a Bordernese. Sophie should stay away from any kind of Bernese. We are a very loving breed.


  10. It looks like you had a perfect day at the park! I love that Sophie got to play with 2 friends! The puppy is ridiculously adorable. Oh my word!

  11. What a perfect day! And what gorgeous shots.

  12. Jim- I love the diversity of all these photos-- it looks like you had a wonderful day at the park. So much to photograph every where you look. You have a great camera eye:)

  13. A really gorgeous series of photos, Jim!!!

  14. Fun photos, Jim! My Great Aunt Nan would have been picking those rose hips to make rose hip jelly, for sure! I was at a xeriscape garden this morning where a horticulturalist was talking to us about the plants in the garden. He was uncertain about a plant one of the people said was sea lavender. When I download my photos, I'm going to have to compare yours and mine. That would be funny if we had sea lavender growing in a high plains garden designed to withstand drought! I enjoyed the other photos too! Take care!


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