Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Going Once, Going Twice, Gone.....

A few weeks ago I placed a bid at a 'silent auction'
and actually forgot all about it till I got a call
from the shop last Friday saying I was the highest bidder.

I liked the painting from the moment I saw it and asked if there was any information
about the artist and where it came from.

I was informed that it was done by a company in Ontario, Canada
which hires local unknown artists to reproduce originals for them.
It comes with a 'certificate of authenticity'.

This painting was from an 'estate'  and being auctioned off.

The frame was in need of a colour change and had a little damage on the bottom.
It is a large painting.....47 in. X 40 in.

It was a 'gun-metal gray' which I thought didn't work. 
So today I painted it a colour called 'Sea Haze'.

We are happy with the 'new addition' 
and are looking if there was an original to this and by whom.

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