Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thinking Out Loud

                             Devil's Paintbrush (Pilosella Aurantiaca)

Pretend you believe that you will 'come back' after this life.

And now pretend that you would have some control over this.

What would your 'top three' choices be?

Here are mine:
                          1. Dancer  
                          2. Chef
                          3. Archaeologist 

And since I have a few more in mind, I see I will have quite a future ahead of 'me'. lol

Now it's your turn.


  1. I'm not sure I'd want to come back here Jim, but if I did the top three would be as follows;

    Member of the European Parliament

    All involve sitting around for loooong periods of time doing very little.

  2. hmm.. that's a tough one, Jim. I'm still not sure what I what to be in this lifetime! but that aside.. A pro photographer, traveling the world.

    be happy,

  3. I'm coming back as your dog. That's the life! m.

  4. If I believed we all came back to Earth after dying, I would want to be:

    1. An archeologist
    2. A novelist, published of course :)
    3. An astronaut

    Lumped together, they look a little random and odd, because the fields seem to have no commonality. But separately, they make perfect sense to me!

  5. I would want to be Sophie -- a healthy active pet in a loving home!

  6. That did require some thinking. Here's my top three.

    Athlete (because I'm so not in this life)

  7. Photojournalist
    Cat (that way I get 9 LIVES)

  8. hummm

    russell crowes PA

    butler to the queen ( elizabeth NOT some middle aged drag artist)


  9. I'm definitely coming back several times until I'm ready for Nirvana! Until that time, I think I might come back as:
    1. The second Coffee Party President of the United States (the first Coffee Party President of the United States was Sasha Obama).
    2. The person who signed the
    document into law finally making it legal in all 50 states to marry any freaking person you wanted!!!
    3. A Buddhist monk.

  10. First of all, I would like to say that I love the pictures you post. They are great!!

    Now, what would I want to be in my next incarnation? A writer, a painter, a forensic doctor. Ok, I got it: A forensic doctor that paints and writes in her free time.

  11. Well, if this were so, I believe I would want to be born in some very rich household so I could go to college and become:

    An Archeologist
    A Geologist
    or a Biologist

    That's the gist of it!

  12. All.....these are great 'incarnations'! I notice there are a few archaeologists in the mix. We will have to 'work together', lol!

    This was fun. It's not that I am unsatisfied with this life, it's just that you don't get enough time to try everything out!!!

    At this point in my 'journey', I believe that we do not 'come back' as we are in this present life but in a somewhat 'altered version of oneself. This is just how I see it.That 'energy' has to 'go somewhere'!

  13. Hello Jim!!

    I've decided,
    1. Chef
    2. Artist
    3. Skinnier--That goes right along with the chef, doesn't it?! :-)

  14. You have cited three very interesting choices ..... and they all have a very strong link .... creativity!

    You know, I thought about all the options, and I think you would make a great architect. It would combine your artistic skills with your technical ability. Rock on!

  15. that is hard...

    I guess mine would be:

    because I appreciate all of them..

  16. 1. One of Kim's Golden's
    2. A dress designer
    3. An Eagle

  17. Before I scrolled down, I thought you meant what form of wildlife you would be! Oh.
    1. Veterinarian. I wish I had chosen a career that did some good, and I'm scared of doctors.
    2. Athlete. I'd love to know what it feels like to have a body at the top of its game.
    3. A sleek water mammal like a river otter. I'm still on the wildlife interpretation of the question!

  18. well, since you asked:

    a mom
    a photojournalist
    a chef

    and beautiful if I get a #4!

  19. Love the photos, Jim. . .taken this year? I have seen any here. . yet. . or maybe I am looking "in all the wrong places". . hahahaha

    What would I want to be. . .? Easy. .
    1. orthopaedic surgeon
    2. compassionate therapist
    3. a monk. . in a monastery. . .;-)but without walls!



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