Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Off For Some 'Energy' Work

This afternoon I am going to our Naturopath/acupuncturist. I 'found' her through my sister Jo-Ann about 10 years ago.

The basis of her practice is opening up blocked meridians throughout the body. Meridians are pathways/points in our body that if blocked can affect one's performance.

Some of you may be aware that I have been living with the 'after-effects' of a severe concussion for three years now. There is progress being made but it is slow progress.

So enter Terry, our Naturopath. She has been very helpful. Last week she was 'working' on the energy interaction between the Cerebellum and the Cerebrum areas of the brain. Because of the scarring done by the injury, the 'connections' between the two brain parts needs to be 'encouraged' somewhat.

Due to this injury I have become an advocate for the mandatory use of helmets for everyone participating either in recreational or team-oriented sports. I fell when I was skating on a lake one afternoon after school in February. 

I was not wearing a helmet. If I had been I am certain that I wouldn't have had the injury I have.

I was told by the 'medical world' that I would have to 'wait it out' and give the brain time to heal, not any mention at all of any therapeutic treatments. I am so fortunate to have had Terry to help me along the way.

Here's to Alternative Medicine!

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