Saturday, June 4, 2011

Retro Saturday

You know when you see something that you'd really like to own but think it is way over-priced?

Well, about a month and a half ago I saw these glass bowls at Value Village. They were up front with the 'good' stuff. I asked if I could take a look at them.

Upon close inspection I saw that they were made by the Anchor Hocking Glass Company. I also noticed that they were 'microwave safe'.

This told me that they were probably made in the 80's if not the early 90's. So I knew that they were not in the league with those great Pyrex Mixing Bowls 400 Series.

Nonetheless I kept my eye on them for a few weeks. They weren't budging. I did notice however that some of the other 'good' stuff was being reduced.

So I approached the manager and asked her she was ever going to reduce these bowls. She looked at the date they were 'listed' and said that they were due to be reduced in a week. She also told me when she does this.....on Friday evenings.

Guess who was there on Friday evening? Moi! She smiled when she saw me and headed directing to the showcase and reduced them!

I knew they were way over-priced for this venue and with a little patience I brought them home.


  1. Congrats! A little patience does pay off. They are cute.

  2. At least you'll have a stocked kitchen when you grow up and move out. m.

  3. Nice to know that your patience and cunning were rewarded! They're very cheery looking bowls.

  4. Cool bowls and that is something I would have done. Waited those bowls out. :O)

  5. Very cute! I try never to miss your retro-Saturdays, you always have something cool! These are definitely in that category :-)

  6. I love how retro they look for such 'new' bowls. I don't remember them in the stores at the time, though. Either way, I think they're great. Good for you for having the patience to get them at a good price. :)

  7. LOL, ya geek! The Pyrex Mixing Bowles 400 Series?!! It is knowing shit that like that probably makes you the fab collector you are!

    Love the bowls - what are they used for?

  8. Well done - pretty bowls! glad they were still there and waiting for you-some things were just meant to be !

  9. well worth the wait for sure..

  10. Yep. I'd be the jerk that would snatch them up at full price away from you. I believe when you see something you like, you find a way to make it happen. It's a good thing I don't live in N.S., they'd be mine.

    Nice find.

  11. Those are pretty bowls. You snagged some good ones!

  12. Yep ! I still love them thanks for stoppin by. Im a follower now and I will be back!


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