Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mish Mash

Funny how when you plan something and think it will 'fall into place', just the opposite occurs.

Now, it's nothing earth-shattering. We had planned to go to this plant-nursery to get our summer supply of 'kitchen herbs'.

Well we arrived at the local nursery and much to my chagrin, they were all sold out of herbs!! I was surprised at this as this is always the time of year I buy herbs and get them in their deck containers near the house. I hope I didn't wait too long!

So off to another location tomorrow to get several kinds each of basil, parsley, rosemary, oregano and fennel.

Then off to the beach with Sophie.

Since the sun was shining brilliantly and it was a 'balmy' 22 degrees celsius, there were more people at the beach than usual.

There was quite a brisk but warm wind, so the surfers were there too taking advantage of waves.

Ron and Sophie went further down the trail while I stayed on the boardwalk to get some pics.

I guess Sophie was looking for me at the other end of the beach and thought she saw me and started to head back in my direction. I was standing on an elevated section of the boardwalk and looked in her direction and saw her coming.

She gets 'concerned' when one of us is not visible to her and feels so relieved when the three 'musketeers' are together again.


  1. What a beautiful day thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. Very pretty day for a walk to the beach. Tootie is always right by my side, too. Like a toddler and her momma.

  3. don't you hate when that happens....Sophie is such a sweetie...great photos....

  4. gawd I have not heard mish mash for years... where does it derive from I wonder?

  5. You may not have come home with herbs but you did come home with beautiful photos!

  6. I love the shot of the wet suits on the fence

  7. Great pics. Gorgeous nursery. Wish we had some of that sunshine here.

  8. Grow your herbs from seed Jim. Beats relying on the local nursery. Heck I might even have a few hundred Basil plants left to send you.

    My pooch 'Faith' gets all panicky when she can't see me too. Usually at dusk when her eyesight's none to clever...

  9. You had me when you said ~beach~. Love the wetsuits sitting on the fence!

  10. Good luck with the herbs. And, thank you for sharing that beautiful summer walk with us.

  11. darling Sophie!!
    and she even brings her own ball to play...

  12. Such a beautiful area! Made it not so bad to miss out on the herbs that day. :) How sweet that Sophie gets concerned if she does see you! aww!

  13. You sure got some great photographs though Jim!
    I wish you better luck tomorrow!!

  14. Like Stew, I love the wetsuits on the fence. And all the others.

  15. I love the shot of the stairs leading down to the beach. It looks like a painting! Glad to hear the weather is finally picking up!


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