Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Every Sunday morning about 11 A.M. my niece, Jacqui, takes her two daughters, Sarah Jane and Julia, to my father's, their great grandfather's, house.

                             Sarah Jane
He always has a 'special' treat for them. Last week it was two locally made 'sock dolls' he got at the Heritage Farm Cafe.

This week is was cupcakes and cookies shaped like ducks. Whatever it is the girls have a great time. And my father really looks forward to their visit.

Sarah Jane, the older of the two, I think she is six years old, can also play the piano. Sometimes she 'composes' her own and plays them for 'Poppy'.

So this past Sunday Ron, Sophie and I arrived at Dad's to see Jacqui and the kids. I wanted to take some pictures of the girls.

When we got there they were in the kitchen devouring, I mean eating, the  'Ducky' cookies. I sat down and started to click away. Julia was not at all bothered by the camera. Sarah Jane was not as comfortable.

I kept thinking, 'What would Becky from Life With Kaishon do in this situation? Her photos are beautiful and she always seems to 'catch' something about the child in her photos.

I managed to get a few shots that I thought caught the essence of the girls.....mostly Julia because she 'played along' with me and was completely at ease. Sarah Jane left the kitchen and went to the piano to play something for Dad.........she was much more relaxed at this and completely 'in her zone'.

I don't know about the kids but I enjoyed this. Their spontaneity was entertaining and their shear joy of being alive was infectious. 


  1. Precious!! These girls are beautiful... and I love Julia's big blue eyes. I remember the sock dolls - Sophie was watching over them. I'll bet Poppy loves this time he has with the girls... What sweet pictures, Jim.

  2. So few people get to know their great-grandparent -- how lucky these little girls are!

  3. Lovely photographs-what gorgeous girls !

  4. :-)

    Beautiful children. It would seem, the cuter they are, the more they ham it up for the camera!

  5. I just LOVE children. When they belong to someone else, of course. The girls are beautiful and your photos are incredible (as usual).

  6. They're as pretty as the flowers that you post. m.

  7. Beautiful young ladies - very cute. It's a great age that they are at, pity they grow out of it!

  8. Oh my goodness... they are so sweet. Adorable photos. You captured them beautifully. I think it is just precious that they have this time every week with their great grandfather! :)

  9. What precious little ones, and you have captured them so beautifully!

  10. it must be like the best therapy for "Poppy"!! and i love the crumbs on her upper lip.

  11. They are gorgeous photographs, I love the way Julia is working the camera! So cute :-)


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