Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Off To The Chickenburger!

On Sunday evening we were walking on the beach trail and we both had the same idea.......to get a couple of chicken burgers at the Chickenburger of course!

We were getting hungry and made a 180 on the trail and headed back towards the car. It was a good half hour drive to Bedford where this diner is located.

They are noted for their chicken burgers as well as for their fish and chips, and hamburgers. I must say though that the BEST hamburgers are in the valley at the Evangeline Cafe in Grand Pre.

It was busy when we got there. I do believe this place is always busy and has been since it opened 70 years ago! Anybody who visits Halifax must give this place a try. It was featured in a movie in the 90's and Ron blogged about it last year.

I worked (taught) at the local high school for about 12 years and got to know this place very well. The fish is really good but since I don't indulge in 'deep fat fried' food any longer, I opted, as did Ron for the chicken burgers.

When our four arrived, they aren't that big, I headed back to the car as Sophie was with us and she wanted to try them out too!

They were great....always are.

See that 'juke box' over on the right-hand side, well it has the BEST music from the 50's and 60's and it is always blaring out the tunes!

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