Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday's Selection

Maybe some of you have heard these gals before and maybe some of you haven't. Their unique sound can be infectious and 'toe-tappin'.

The Be Good Tanyas are a Canadian 'traditional' music group which was formed in Vancouver, British Columbia. They can sound 'country', 'folk' and 'blue grass' all at the same time!

Give them a listen. You just might like what you hear. Have a great Sunday.


  1. They have a great sound, don't they?

    Happy Birthday to your Dad and hope everyone has a blast at the big party today!

  2. I do like what I hear. But, oh my, they are so young! I hope that they have a long and very successful career.

  3. I love that kind of folksy music! They are very good.

  4. Hey, I like these Tanyas! Thanks for sending them my way.

  5. They are new to me - thanks! Very easy and fun to listen to.

  6. I loves me some Be Good Tanya's!!!


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