Saturday, June 11, 2011

Retro Saturday

A few weeks ago while 'browsing' (I guess that's what one would call it) around Value Village I came across these two framed 'pictures'.

One is a photograph of a building in New York least I think it is there. Loved the fact that it was B/W. And that it was in NYC was the was about to be mine!

I could be totally wrong with this assumption. If anyone knows the name and exact location of this building please let me know.....and I will be forever in your debt!

P.S........later that day......... Sharon just emailed me a link to a great description and photos of this building called the Flatiron Building. Thanks Sharon. Stew sent one too and is here. Thanks Stew!

The other one is a painting by a fellow who lived in Halifax around the time Ron and I moved there from Wolfville, N.S. 

It was the mid 70's and the artist, Roger Hupman, was painting some of the Victorian houses around the city.  Halifax has many wooden homes and this is a typical one.

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