Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tag, You're It!

I got a request from Annie over at The Day After Yesterday to play the game of 'Tag' with her. I would never turn down a request from her, so here goes!

First, I must answer the following questions:

If you could be any historical or current character who would you be?
I wouldn't want to be anyone other than myself.

Name an interesting fact about yourself
I am a pretty basic guy with basic needs and accomplishments........not all that interesting.  

If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?
The development of all 'organized religion'. It has led to so much conflict in the world.

Which character traits annoy you?
Selfishness, meanness, arrogance and narrow-minded stupidity.

Name one thing that you would change in yourself?
I would be more forgiving of others and show more compassion.

What do you consider your biggest achievement?
My biggest achievement was to 'survive' the school system for almost 30 years as a teacher.

There! That's done. Now it is my turn to 'Tag' eight (8) people to play along with us. I figured the only way for me to choose these 8 is to pick the first 8 in my 'Google Reader' they are listed right at this moment. And they are:

1. Terry at 'Moondance Ranch'
2. Sharon at 'Life With Jack And Jill'
3. Mark at 'Our Simple Lives'
4. Jojo at 'My Random Insanities'
5. Chris at 'Midwestern Mama With A New York Heart'
6. Barbara at 'If I Didn't Have A Sense Of Humor'
7. Christine at 'I'm Not Old, I'm Vintage'
8. Nancy at 'A Rural Journal'

Here are the rules according to Annie:

Rule 1 - No Tag-Backs (this means I can't tag the people who tagged me - Gits)
Rule 2 - You must tag a further 8 bloggers (we'll see about that)
Rule 3 - You must answer the questions that were sent to you (I might invent my own set of questions)
Rule 4 - You must have a link back to the people who tagged you (yeh, yeh, already done it) 

This is all about fun. Enjoy. If \nybody else wants to 'play'....go for it!

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