Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Everywhere.....We just Have To Look

We are so used to the cool weather here in Nova Scotia (and I am using 'we' as in Ron and I, not all Nova Scotians) that when it all of a sudden turned HUMID this afternoon, Ron and I were looking for refuge.

Of course we turned the A/Con in the car and that helped a bit. And knowing we'd be leaving the comfort of the car as soon as we got home, we drove past our house and headed to MacDonald Hill. We were guaranteed to have some reprieve there.

And as always to our surprise we were the only ones there! It always blows us away that no one else was taking advantage of the cooler air on this hill.

So up this hill we went.

And you know what? I realized that all around us were the most beautiful flowers growing 'au naturel'.

So I lingered behind sitting amongst the grasses and flowers 'snapping away' as Ron and Sophie  went further up the hill.

All the photos here, and the 'header', were taken this evening. As much as I like the flowers we grow in our garden and over which we have some control, I appreciate and cannot compete with these so-called 'wild flowers' in their natural habitat.

Beauty is everywhere.....we just have to look.

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