Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thinking Out Loud

Was thinking of giving my Thursday posts a theme...........Thinking Out Loud. 

I don't know about you guys, but I do it all the time. Sometimes (mostly) Ron has no idea what I am talking about. That's OK because he does it occasionally too. 

So here's what I'm thinking out loud today:

Ever wonder why people blog? I do realize that there would be a number of motivating factors to push some and not others to blog. Some people I know think it's strange to communicate with total strangers out there in blogisphere. 

Why do you blog?


  1. I ask myself that question alot.
    And it's a good one.

    Being alone most of the work-week, with just my animals and an old farmhouse to mutter to -- I like exressing my thoughts to other human beings, with photos attached, of course! I like to get their reactions, love to see what they are doing, what their part of the world looks like... it's been a great experience for me.

    How about you, Jim?

  2. Well, it started as a place to tell my stories about school. Believe it or not, when I first started blogging, it was solely about school. I posted everyday, and I always made sure to find one positive thing to write every single day. I also used to end each post with a quote, usually about children.

    Well, since you joined the party a little later, you know that now my blog is mostly a place for me to vent and do my whining. Occasionally there are stories about my family, or a little bragging about my son. But, usually, it's whining. :(

  3. I too, question why I blog now, but I initially started after the death of my dad to redirect my energies...

  4. I blog because I love to write. I read other blogs because I'm interested in the lives of people from all around the world. It has become a lot like having penpals and cyber friendships have been formed.

    BTW, I think out loud a lot, too. It's called "talking to ones self" and I do that all the time, lol. The Hub will say, "What?" And I'll reply, "Just talking to myself."

  5. Escapism.....pure & simple. xxxxx

  6. I figure teachers have every right to complain ALL THEY WANT!

    Nancy, it has also been one of the BEST experiences I have meet so many people and learn so much too. And of course to learn to 'be lighter' about things.
    I originally started blogging because Ron felt it would be good for me especially in recovery of a concussion. It really helped 'pull things together' for me.

  7. Liz, yes, I always wanted to have 'penpals' and now I do!

  8. I've always liked to take photos...and tell my blog is the way to release my photos and stories without driving my family crazy...

  9. I dunno! 'Cos I can, I s'pose?

  10. It keeps me off the streets and out of jail.

  11. Iread this and liked it:

    ".... (Blogs) are very malleable that people are doing with it what they want to do. The technical accessibility of blogs suggests there is great variety in the “quality, content, and ambition” of blogs.

    Simply put, bloggers’ distinct needs can be accommodated in the identical venue of personal
    publication. ......"

  12. I started doing it mostly to share photos with friends. Now I've been blogging for 5 1/2 years, and I've discovered that I like writing the little snippets and stories that go with (or don't) the pictures. And I enjoy the feedback I get through comments.

    I also enjoy finding new blogs like yours, especially those with beautiful photography! The only problem is that there are so many it's hard not to spend the entire day skipping from blog to blog.

  13. I started to blog to document the lives of my children. I think I can say, with all honesty, that I've pretty much stuck to that theme in my short two years of writing. Already, I look back from the start and can't believe how much my children have grown. My hope is that they will want to come back to read all about themselves in 20 years or so. And I hope they laugh. Thanks for asking me. You were asking me, right? Mark

  14. Yes Mark this whole post was directly aimed at YOU! lol
    You crack me up!

    JohnD, great quote and so true!

    Debra, I am sure that you could access a great 'defense' council.

    WCS, I KNOW what you mean.

  15. I started blogging because many people that I meet have trouble believing everything that happens in our buisness. So I write about the events and other mindless thoughts.

    I often catch my hubby "talking to the little people" and have started talking to myself lately. Others will ask what I said and I tell them to "butt out! I'm not talking to you"

  16. Hey Jim-
    Love your blossomed tree shots. Thinking out loud, talking out loud, arguing with people I should have argued with in their presence rather than at home 7 hours later when I think of it. Not to worry. Dog and cat ignore me.
    I love sharing my pics, I love to's like talking outloud I guess, I like seeing the photos that others post and the beautiful places they live....and I like learning things from other people too. Blogging is quite fun I've found.
    Have a great weekend.

  17. These photos are like fresh air...ahhhh.
    That's one reason I blog: I love the input from others.
    Another reason is that it's a way to "write my way" through my own feelings and impressions - a kind of creative therapy, I suppose.
    A third reason is that I cannot stand the news media's manipulation of what we have access to learning, so I get a lot of my "news" from other bloggers.
    Fourth: it's fun.

  18. 1: love the pics!!

    2: talking out loud?
    not for me...

    i started blogging because my friends aren't as near or accessible as i'd wish. some, to this day, still don't care about blogger, therefore, what i say... but that's them!! they love me anyway. but for those who do come, and other strangers that have since joined in, it is fun for me, and for everyone too, i hope. i must have been a storyteller in a past life because i feel compelled to tell stuff, all kinds of stuff. i just wished the writing skills had followed me into this lifetime. and on my main blog, it's about my life and my hometown, and there's always something going on, even if i feel there's none... i have a real life friend who often faces the blank page syndrome... that is NOT my case!! actually. i have to tone it down, otherwise, i'd be blogging 24/7. did i miss my calling in life? i used to keep a correspondence with my grandma in my youth. used to keep a journal as well. i guess things have evolved with the technology...

    well, it's either that or i'd start talking to the walls. i find this a healthier approach!! good therapy, no?

  19. jim, i blog for several reasons, but the two most important ones are to: 1) practice writing often; and 2) connect with others. my blog, as you know, is not so much a diary as it is about a process, and i love not being alone in that process--getting feedback from others outside of los angeles is so critical to me! the added bonus is that i feel i am making "friends" of other bloggers, who i one day hope to meet, but at the very least, hope to continue to share with for a very long time.


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