Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday's Wrap Up

                             From the shed.

It's Friday and the end of the week. It was a week of sunshine here in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

   Maidenhair Fern.

And as a result there were many photos taken around here. Also it was the week that my Dad turned 95 years old.

                             Hosta leaf.

We both had a short stint with the flu bug. That was weird! I haven't had the flu for quite a long time. There's absolutely nothing one can do but to sit back and take it like a man! Which we did, as best we could! lol

                             Bearded Iris.

Speaking of Dad's birthday, I took him out for dessert on Thursday afternoon after his 'ear' appointment. He needed an adjustment made to his hearing aids.......they needed to be programmed to a little higher volume.


We were there two weeks previous and the audiologist, Amy, noted that Dad's day of birth was the same as hers. So Dad brought along a couple of cupcakes for her. She was very pleased.

                             Hired help....aka Ron.

In two days time we (the family and friends) will all be congregating at my sister's home for the big party! There are over 80 people invited and we expect it to be the 'party of the year' for our family.

                             On the boardwalk at Conrad's Beach.

Of course I will have 'a few' photos to share with you all, next week.

    Break time.

Today we started to do two walks with Sophie. We will try to keep this going now that the weather is better.

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