Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts......

Was woken up last night around midnight by a thunder and lightning storm. These are almost rare occurrences around here. We may get only a few of these a year really.

I like them personally. When good ole Mother Nature takes over and 'tells' us who's boss, there's not too much we can do about it.

Our last dog, Jessie, was petrified of thunder. She would literally start shaking so much that she would freak herself out. She wouldn't settle until the storm had long passed.

Sophie, our present dog, slept through the whole thing. Nothing seems to phase her, except for people and other dogs. And then she gets all silly and demanding looking for treats or playtime!

Providing we are safely situated in our house and it is not a major hurricane, there is a certain 'peaceful' feeling I get when I am at the mercy of Mother Nature for an hour or so.

I know that she can and has caused a lot of destruction in different parts of the world as of late, and I do not mean to 'romanticize' these occurrences, but I do appreciate her power and potential.


  1. Just popping in to say hello. Beautiful photos as usual. I wish I could sleep through such storms. If only we had thunderstorms. Take care, Mal

  2. I agree with you, thunderstorms are amazing. We don't get many here, but on the odd occasion there have been one or two real crackers, (not this year so far!)
    I love looking at your pictures, they are so calming and peaceful. Nature is wonderful and you capture it perfectly!
    I do hope you and yours are all well! x Linda

  3. Hiya Jim, I am with you - there is nothing like a thunder storm to remind you about how powerful nature is. No one can do drama like nature can ;-)

  4. I sleep like a baby through a thunderstorm - IF that is all there is to it!

  5. Hi Jim! Like you, I have an enormous respect for Mother Nature. But I have found that I really love standing on my porch watching the wind and the rain, or whatever 'she' is sending our way. It's great that Sophie doesn't seemed bother by it either!

  6. I love mother natures ruckus as long as I as safe and snug in my home, and so is everyone else. I have always been awed at her power and strength...

  7. I have a huge respect for nature -- we get some pretty wicked storms this time of year and it's best to pay attention.

    Love the photos today. Just beautiful. :)

  8. you speak of power and one can really sense it in the first picture.

    from my balcony, i look toward the south shore which is prone to such occurrences. it's a real light show!! while i sit comfortably and keep dry, people over there really get pounded...


  9. Yes, I heard about your bad storm on the news. But at least it wasn't as bad as Massachusetts!

  10. Looks like a great storm beach Jim, great for fishing I'll bet - You get any Bass tearing up and down the surf?

  11. I like thunderstorms, too. We used to get them often, just good old fashioned thunderstorms. But in recent years, the thunder part has diminished, and the storm part has increased.

  12. Yor photos are so fabulous every post seems to draw me in. Glad I found you!


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