Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Few Things

I received a 'Versatile Blogger award' from Liesl over at  A Little African Magic. Part of accepting this award is to reveal seven things about yourself that other bloggers may not know about you. 

Here goes:
1. Two things I would like to do in my next lives would be a professional dancer and a chef.

2. My favourite time of year is Spring!

3. I miss the interaction of working with 'developmentally delayed' kids.

4. I think helmets should be mandatory for everyone who skates and who is involved in 'active' sports.

5. I am a advocate for 'inclusion' of children with learning difficulties in the regular classroom if not all day then part of the day.

6. My favourite 'meat' meal is lamb.

7. I prefer reading 'creative non-fiction' than fiction.

I am supposed to keep this going and pass this award on to 5 others. I cannot do this and sleep tonight! So I give this to all my followers 'en masse'! How's that for wimping out!?

Guess what we saw here along the eastern shore of Nova Scotia yesterday? Sunshine!!!!! That's right, it appeared around 3 P.M. and STAYED!

So I took advantage and took some pictures of the Yellow Magnolia as I had promised to do as the blossoms started to emerge all of a sudden due to the warmth from Mr. Sunshine. Did I just say that? 

Yes I did. After living in the cold fog for a month, I have no control whatsoever over the words coming out of my mouth! lol Here are a few more 'shots' :

Got call from a friend of ours who lives in the neighbouring province of New Brunswick yesterday morning. Her father had just died. He was valiantly fighting a battle with prostate cancer for a year.

                             Angelique Tulip.
Our friend was very close to her Dad and had just brought him home from the hospital the day before.......to die in familiar surroundings. 

                             Angelique Tulip.
We are going to the funeral on Friday morning. Our friend, Carolyn, came to my mother's funeral a few years ago with both her children. I was so pleased to see them there. She said something to me then that I will never forget: "Jim, this is what friend's do." It moved me then as it does now.

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