Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oh Fiddleheads!

When the sun was out the other day I scooted around the garden to see what it looked like with sun shining on it.

It was luminescent with colour and tender shoots popping out everywhere!

I absolutely love ferns this time of year.....actually any time of year but more so now. Did you know that they can be eaten at this stage in their lives?

They can and are called 'Fiddleheads'. I've tried them a few times but didn't care for the taste.....bitter. But they are very popular this time of year around here. I better keep my eyes open for poachers! lol

Just realized something! (I heard that!) You know what they look like at this stage?  Embryos.

They are springing up everywhere in the garden and it is amazing to literally just watch them grow from from day to day until they cover up parts of the garden with their 'fan-shaped' fronds.

Busy day today. Off to 'sit' with Dad till noon, then to the car dealership due for a 'recall' check for our car. Guess it could 'fly' off the road if it isn't checked out soon. Better get a move on..........

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