Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wet Wednesday

                  All these photos taken before the 'rains'.  These are Blue Bells.

Actually it has been raining for a week now here in Nova Scotia. Guess we will have the largest blossoms ever if this keeps up and if we do manage to get a few rays of sunshine to allow them to open!


Been so busy with Dad lately. All of us have been keeping an eye on him for the past two weeks. He has really been doing so well since his hospital stint with pancreatitus. So well in fact that we will go back to our 'old' schedule now.

This means we will be with him for his main meal of the day and also with him over-night. He will have his daytime hours to himself again with a few visits to check on him. He has stated lately that he 'feels so useless' because we have been doing pretty well everything for him.

Time to 'back off' a little and give him some breathing room again. Besides he loves to watch his favourite TV personality with no interruptions.....Judge Judy!!!! I'm serious!

Yesterday Dad and I went to Halifax to meet an Occupational Therapist who wanted to show him beds with controls (basically a hospital-type bed) and chairs that are equipped to assist him with sitting down and getting out of it.

The beds..... he DID NOT like at all! Too small and claustrophobic, he said. That's OK, the OT recommended a couple of adaptations to his present bed. He did pick out a very comfortable chair (Lazyboy style) which will almost throw him across the room if he isn't careful! 

So this afternoon I plan on doing the 'census' with him....on-line. We are required by law to complete these within ten days. Wonder what they would do if we didn't? I don't plan to find out.


  1. Gorgeous photos, Jim. The love and care your dad receives from you and everyone who cares for him must be what keeps him going so strong. This post is a touching love poem to you dad, accompanied by the most beautiful spring flowers.--Inger

  2. I love Judge Judy too! But it drives My Rare One nuts when I watch. Oh well, too bad.

  3. Thank you for those stunning flower pics Jim. Our dry season normally starts April but we are still having rain this year. Very happy to hear your Dad is doing so well! That chair sounds like something I might need to wake Cules up with...he loves falling asleep in his chair in front of the tv!

  4. Judge Judy eh ? Let you into a secret I watch her now and again too ! That lady does not suffer fools gladly. Pleased your Dad is regaining a little more of his independence and is continuing to improve with the support of his wonderful family.

  5. Jim, I'm very glad that he is doing so well.
    Your Friend, m.

  6. I am glad your dad is getting a bit more independent. I love your photos, we have had the hottest April since records began and there is talk of water shortages! please send some over here as I am fed up of watering the garden pots!

  7. I admire your positive attitude, Jim.

    The spring flowers are so pretty. They do enjoy the rain, don't they? :)

  8. LOL > Thanks for making me laugh, Jim. It was the part about the Lazy boy. I'm so glad you're dad is doing better. So when you guys (family) started trying to tell him what he could and could not do, did he straighten you out by telling you that you were in HIS PLAYPEN?? LOL Just a little JJ humor. I am a JJ follower as well... not because I think she's fair or even nice... but very entertaining. Dinner wouldn't be the same without her.

  9. Beautiful photos! I have some BlueBells. . .I thought they were violets. . .lol
    Such lovely colours. Helps remind me. . ".the sun will come out tomorrow. . .tomorrow. . . ."


  10. Pretty flowers! Sorry about the continual rain, it can get you down, everything needs sunshine, even us and the flowers.

    I bet he didn't like the bed, hospital beds are a pain in the ....! Well, you have to agree with him. Now - the chair is a good idea.......... I am about ready for one of those myself, at least wishing for one, a person gets stiff sitting very long.

    I understand about his needing a little space. Attention when you're sick is one thing, but once you can change the channels and go to the bathroom yourself, it's nice to be on your own.

    Enjoy your Spring! Hug Sophie for me! Having my connection this long is a fluke, so thought I would take advantage!

  11. Glad to hear your Dad is doing well. And I love the flower pictures. Hate to admit but I love Judge Judy too! As a matter of fact I TiVo her show and watch whenever there is nothing else on TV. Drives my hubby crazy lol.

  12. Awwww Jim, that is marvellous news about your Dad getting better. I am really chuffed for you :-)

    Those photographs are absolutely wonderful - every one of them is worth a frame!

  13. I'm sending you a day of sunshine to help lift Pop's spirits. My dad loves his lift chair. We just have to remind him to put his feet up all the time.
    Great croci shots.

  14. I'm so very glad to hear the good news on your Dad.

    Love the flowers. Many thanks from the land of brown.

  15. Glad to hear that your dad is doing better. Taking care of aging parents is a sure role reversal, isn't it? The flowers are beautiful! We're needing rain, but May is not a good month for us with that. Rain brings bad, bad storms in May and we're already keeping an eye on a system that will hammer us a week away!

  16. no one could ask for more love in their lives than what you and your family give to your dad...

    also, when he gets down about the attention, and all the care everyone gives him, gently remind him that he has done the same with you kids, back in the day when you needed it.. maybe it'll change his perspective and he will remember how satisfying it feels to do things for someone you love.

    jus sayin'...

    purple is my fave color and those flowers are just beautiful.

  17. Ah - such gorgeous blossoms! We had snow here on Tuesday... slightly better than rain, I guess.

    Glad to hear the update on your dad. Mine bought one of those chairs that throws you across the room - very handy indeed. When he was in his greatest pain, he was marooned on the sofa - at least he can get up now!

  18. Hi Jim! I'm getting caught up on my blog reading and am glad that I've finally make it to yours! I'm also so glad that your dad is feeling much better!! A tribute to his strong spirit and the care he's been given!!

    I hope your week is ending on a good note!! Enjoy your weekend!

  19. The pictures are beautiful! Thanks for keeping us updated on your Dad! I am so glad he has recovered so well! It is all the love he has from you all !


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