Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wet Wednesday

                  All these photos taken before the 'rains'.  These are Blue Bells.

Actually it has been raining for a week now here in Nova Scotia. Guess we will have the largest blossoms ever if this keeps up and if we do manage to get a few rays of sunshine to allow them to open!


Been so busy with Dad lately. All of us have been keeping an eye on him for the past two weeks. He has really been doing so well since his hospital stint with pancreatitus. So well in fact that we will go back to our 'old' schedule now.

This means we will be with him for his main meal of the day and also with him over-night. He will have his daytime hours to himself again with a few visits to check on him. He has stated lately that he 'feels so useless' because we have been doing pretty well everything for him.

Time to 'back off' a little and give him some breathing room again. Besides he loves to watch his favourite TV personality with no interruptions.....Judge Judy!!!! I'm serious!

Yesterday Dad and I went to Halifax to meet an Occupational Therapist who wanted to show him beds with controls (basically a hospital-type bed) and chairs that are equipped to assist him with sitting down and getting out of it.

The beds..... he DID NOT like at all! Too small and claustrophobic, he said. That's OK, the OT recommended a couple of adaptations to his present bed. He did pick out a very comfortable chair (Lazyboy style) which will almost throw him across the room if he isn't careful! 

So this afternoon I plan on doing the 'census' with him....on-line. We are required by law to complete these within ten days. Wonder what they would do if we didn't? I don't plan to find out.

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