Saturday, May 28, 2011

Retro Saturday

Found these a few weeks ago at the 'Sally Ann' shop. I really don't know what it is that attracts me to this stuff!

                      This 'bowl' is missing a utensil of some sort. Any ideas?

It's not like it is 'fine china' or anything near it. Guess it's the 'cute factor' and the fact that it was made in Japan. I remember when anything made in Japan was considered cheap and not made well.

I think times have changed or at least the 'country' has changed. Now everything is made in China and I MEAN EVERYTHING! That's a totally other story.

Or it could be that I 'missed' something during a very important developmental stage in my life. Who knows? lol

The 'character' items are all shakers and that could be why I felt a pull towards these! You see I love S/P shakers. I just do.


  1. The missing utensils from that bowl are chopsticks. You put them through the hole and they rest on the indented lip. The bowl and chopsticks are all ready to go at a moment's notice!

  2. No idea about the bowl-sorry !
    cute salt and pepper and I love the painted pot with little girl on.

  3. No idea what that bowl is missing, seems a bit odd. People collect all manner of things - your collections are pretty nice! I must say, I would have passed on that last one.... Love the little sailor shaker, he's quite the charmer!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. So right! I bet if I looked around my house, I couldn't find a thing not made in China, except for my vintage glassware. I think you were also drawn to the colors of the cute things in today's post. Have no idea about that bowl, though! BTW, I have some orphan S/P shakers in my Etsy shop, and if they don't sell, I'll send them to you!

  5. The lovely green bowl with the hole near the rim is missing the chopsticks. The business end of the chopsticks go through the hole, and the handle end rests in the groove opposite.

  6. Oh, Jim -- you are a collector after my own heart. I can't resist most of these colorful Made in Japan pieces either. They represent a simpler time and that's why I think I love them so much. Great finds. :)

  7. I would grab that bowl up in a second although I have no idea what the missing piece is...chopsticks?? I don't think so but that's just me. Have a great weekend...

  8. wow such cute finds! i love the green bowl with missing chopsticks... the best out of these.

  9. It just might be for chopsticks but the bowl seems a little deep for that.....don't forget when using chopsticks in one hand, the other hand is usually holding the bowl and this one is a little big for that.

  10. I don't know Jim but I have a weakness for those kind of things too. B

  11. That's so much fun. My grandmother used to have a big collection of salt and pepper shakers, so I have a soft spot for them as well.

  12. CUTE...We understand :)
    We collect random stuff too!

    Wyatt's Mom

  13. i thought this could be a mortar missing its pestle... but i'm really not sure about that...

    as for your fascination with the retro stuff, could it be that you're missing something now that you didn't get back then?... i'm no shrink but this might explain your fascination...


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