Thursday, May 26, 2011

Taking A Stand

I admire the U.S. government for taking a public stand on the middle-east 'crises' recently. Albeit it is an unpopular stance for some, but I feel that President Obama is sending out a message that in order to bring this 'insanity of a situation' to some kind of resolution, it is time to take a stand.

Israel and the Palestinian state have been fighting each other ever since the state of Israel was created after WWII and way before this as well. Neither side will get what it wants from 'talks' for a resolution of this mess. It is time for not only compromise but recognition that the Palestinian state has a right to exist.

For a more 'in-depth', Reader's Digest version, of the history of this conflict please click here.

I do not pretend in the least to understand all the nuances of this conflict. But I do see the necessity for this to end once and for all. And both sides will have to 'bite the bullet' and recognize that each exists.

I can't imagine how this has impacted the lives of all the people in this region. The darkness and negativity of this 'way of living' for the peoples of this region will take generations to heal.

It is 2011! Time for this Medieval way of thinking to stop.

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