Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Visiting Friends

As soon as the sun came out today we were off visiting friends that live further along the Eastern Shore in Seaforth.

However when we got there the sun disappeared! Or more correctly, it didn't appear in the first place!

Nonetheless, we had a great visit with Cathy and Mary and their dogs. These two gals used to 'day care' Sophie during her first year when we were both working. Sophie loved staying there and learned so much from them and the other dogs.......like how to behave around other dogs.

There were a few other dogs staying there today so Sophie had a chance to play with them while Cathy took Ron and I on a tour of their 'spring' garden.

The pond was the highlight for me. I couldn't believe all the goldfish. Cathy said that they just keep multiplying! I was glad Sophie wasn't with us on the tour because she would have been in this pond so fast. The Lab in her you see.......

Their 'alpha' dog, Morgan was so happy to see us. I was amazed that he remembered us. He had his front leg removed not too long ago and is doing very well now. He is one of my favourite dogs of all time!

Morgan, Ron, Sophie and Mary.

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