Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Feeling Powerless

It's often the case in our culture and system of government that we can feel powerless. With the exception of our right to vote, there is not too much we can do to help prevent atrocities that occur on a daily basis 'at home' and around the world.

Unless of course we speak up and let it be known that we disagree. If enough people 'shout it from the rooftops', the powers that be will listen. They must, if they wish to hold on their power base.

Today I got this email from Avaaz.org.  It is an organization that attempts to change and make better living conditions for people all the world.

If you feel strongly enough about the issue they are presenting, you can sign the petition. Sometimes it can be the difference between life and death.


  1. Avaaz is a great life-changer! I full support many of their petitions.

    Lovely shots!

  2. JIM. . .what great photos. You've captured the essence of Spring with what I call "the season of leafy green". . .all the burgeoning leaves with that early shade of green. . . laces up the trees in good shape!

    Ours have gone a hair beyond that and lost that "special touch". . . ;-)


  3. Howdy! One of your best posts! Signed and sent.
    You and I think alike. It only takes one voice to get others involved. The more folks who are educated, the louder the 'voice' gets. Eventually the 'higher ups' in Government have to listen. They can only turn a deaf ear for so long.

  4. Cool shots, Jim! We are now in full Summer mode now, and awaiting the attack of the 13 year cicadas! Looks like you have perfect Spring weather!

  5. I always think speaking up for what you believe in is good : )

  6. That's beautiful! THank you for sharing Jim!


  7. i also participate with AVAAZ.ORG. many issues resonate with my own set of values. but sometimes, you need to do more than just sign a petition. even though, in this day and age, these are making enough noise for government to pay attention.

    i did post once pics covering one of those events:



  8. Yes Nova Scotia friends, we too in New Brunswick also miss the sun and heat. When I look at newscasts from out west, Manitoba, it looks bleak, with flood-waters, and continued rain. Our grass is green, and the leaves are starting to unfold, keep it coming.


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