Saturday, May 7, 2011

Retro Saturday

Look what I found at my new-favourite thrift shop this week........

I usually, upon entering a 'shop', head immediately over to the glassware. I did.....nothing that interested me. I looked around the rest of the store and not a thing attracted my interest.

So to the front counter where Bev, the manager, was standing. Under the glass counter was where Bev kept the 'special' items. I noticed all the way to the other end two pairs of retro juice glasses. I liked them and asked Bev if I could take a closer look.........for cracks, chips etc.

She mentioned that she had more of these in her office. She was 'keeping them' from the antique dealers that frequent the place and was awaiting someone like myself, an ordinary collector, to come in.

I was excited when she brought out 12 more in three other patterns! In the end I got 16 glasses for under $5.00. Not bad at all.

I thanked Bev and she explained that 'dealers' clean up everything from the shop. It's not that they are 'bad' people she said, it's just that she likes to 'put aside' a few thing for everyone else.

Bev is a real sweetie. The store is in a rough neighbourhood and caters to people that can use a break on prices for household items, furniture  and staples. She has her 'regular' patrons who bring in their children as well. 

While I was there at least a half dozen children got a handful of candy from Bev when they greeted her. That was the condition to receive candy.....a 'greeting' and a 'thank you', that was all.

It was so heart-warming to see the kids eyes and smiles upon getting their treats. I could really appreciate what Bev does to improve their lives and hopefully their community, albeit in a very small way......more than just selling things from the shop.

I am getting quite a collection of these glasses. Pretty soon there will be no room on the glass window shelves for any more.

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