Friday, May 6, 2011

Shooting From the Dunes

Today the sun came out. I was told that we hadn't had continuous sunshine here along the coast of  Nova Scotia for 23 days!

I didn't believe this at all but I could be mistaken as we were pretty occupied with Dad's care for at least three weeks now. Who knows.

Every year this time, in a rush to get to summer temperatures, we hear a lot of exaggerated weather reports. Like: "It's never been this cold in May as far back as I can remember!" Or:"This time last year was really warm.......must be the 'greenhouse effect."

I want warmer weather just like everybody else, but I do realize that we live along the north Atlantic coastline of North America and during this month in particular we experience a lot of variables in the temperature.

In fact even in June, depending on how many icebergs there are out to sea and moving past us and how large they are, the temperatures can still be coolish. That's how it's always been here. It must make us feel better to start complaining about 'all the rain' and the 'freezing' temperatures.

I think this whole idea is pretty's the nature of the beast we call human.

So we did embrace the 'change' today and headed to our favourite spot.....the beach at the river. The wind was blowing and it was the usual 5 degrees difference (cooler). Sophie was in her glory! As soon as we reached the beach she headed for the water.

I plunked myself down by a dune away from the brisk wind and started to 'shoot'. There were 3 or 4 para-surfers taking full advantage of the wind and sun. They were whipping through the water like nobodies business.

All the photos in this post were taken from my vantage point, tucked into the dunes. Ron was taking full advantage as well of everything around him. He just told me he took over 400 photos this afternoon! He was both in heaven and his element for a few hours.

                   This is Ron in his element!

Tonight is 'my night' with Dad. I will be with him till after lunch tomorrow. One of the things planned is to watch the hockey game between the Boston Bruins (a lot of Boston fans here in Nova Scotia due to very close ties from the past) and the Philadelphia Flyers.

You see, my sister Paula and her husband have driven down to Boston to see the game and they will be five rows behind the penalty box and she said she will be waving at us! We will try to spot them.

I am not a hockey fan but will watch this with Dad.......he is a big fan and his 'team' is the Detroit Red Wings.....go figure! Doesn't make any sense to me when there are 4 or 5 Canadian teams.

Just looked at the time and I better start packing my gear for the 'sleep-over'. I really do enjoy this time with Dad. I never thought I have this opportunity to spend time with him at this stage in our lives.

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