Friday, May 20, 2011

Fun In The Fog

Yesterday, since the sun was shining, we thought we'd go to the beach.

As we got a little closer we saw the 'fog bank' down the road which encircled the entire beach area.

Oh well, it was still a little warmer than usual and a little fog won't stop us!

We parked the car and headed for the far beach which borders on the river.

Once we got to the beach this was Sophie's cue to play with 'Mr.Orangie'.

Ron and Sophie have the whole 'ball-playing' thing down to a tee as can be seen in these photos.

So who said that sunshine is a prerequisite to having fun at the beach? Not us!


  1. Aw, you really love those two, don't you? m.

  2. so, YOU are the culprit who sent us the white crap over here!!! tsk, tsk!!

    me luv' Sophie.

  3. All my biggest COMPLIMENTS for your elegant, sophisticated new blog is gorgeously simply beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The dark colour enhances your magnificient photography even more; wonderful!!!!!

    I love indeed this "mistyfoggy" beachwalk!!!!!!!
    Oh, fantastic shots, Jim!!!!!!

    Fog, Jackets...? In my Tuscany it has been sooooo hot and sooo dry, it's a looong time ago since it rained ....; we miss the water so much!!!

    Thank you so much for your kind and lovely wish, Jim!!!!!! I loved it!!! So sweet of you to think of me....!!!
    Oh yes, there is and has been a lot of sunshine for me:

    I know, its such a looong time ago I wrote a post; but life as a free lancer is sometimes incredibly full of work; I am very happy about it; though this time an interesting work took really all my "strength" to do a good job and I had to neglect my loved blog....; but I catch up very, very soon!!!!!

    Un abbraccio to you Jim... and Ron and Sophie!!!!!

    (Please tell me, Jim....if you'd like some warm sunrays from Tuscany...: I'll send them to you...or much better: Come and take the sun in Tuscany!!.....much much better Idea!!!!
    Laccaille & me would love it!!)

    ciao ciao elvira

  4. Fog, that's something one never sees in Las Vegas! It's been awhile since I've lived anywhere that gets fog. I miss it. Great post.

  5. Blimey, that fog is a proper pea-souper! But the photos are stunning, they almost look like they are abstract paintings. Ron is very good in front of a camera - he is photogenic in every shot!

  6. There's something mysteriously romantic about the fog. How it envelopes you and holds you tight. It's so much fun to play in too. I'm so jealous.

  7. You captured fun in the fog so well.

  8. i DO enjoy a foggy day with the exception of driving in it... that's just not cool. i've been in fog so moist that your feel all damp... and one day years ago driving home from work @ 7:30 am, it was SO foggy traffic was crawling @ 5 miles per hour. you literally couldnt see past your dashboard. yet there up in the sky was the sun trying to come out, and all i saw was its shadow amidst the fog, it was SO beautifull!

    enjoy the weekend and if we get raptured i'll just look for sophie to find you and ron...

    i just may be the nekked one with a washcloth over her face.

  9. awesome fog...beach...Sophie photos...


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