Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday's Wrap Up

This has been a busy week around these parts.

Let's start with Dad's birthday party on Sunday which was a great day for all of us here. We are in constant awe of his spirit and determination. We are learning from him that life will throw it's challenges but it's what you do with them afterwards that makes a difference.

This leads me to Wednesday when we got word that Dad's sister, Eileen, died after a long illness. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease about 8 years ago. She was the youngest in his family. He is the oldest and is the sole survivor of his immediate family.

The last time I saw my aunt was about 6 years ago at my parent's anniversary party. She wanted to dance with me. We did. She was like a five year old....giggling and acting shy. It took all I had from crying.

Of course Dad is very sad but also thankful that she is no longer suffering with this dreadful illness. He will be fine as we are 'watching' him closely.

On my way into Dad's this morning at about 9:30 I noticed that all the school kids were heading for home. Then it hit me that this was the last day of school. I used to LOVE this day as a teacher. We were just as relieved as the kids!!! What's that saying? "No more kids teachers, no more looks books......or something like that!

This is a long weekend in Canada. Today is CANADA DAY. Canada is 144 years old. We are young compared to some countries. Should be lots of activities going on in Halifax over the next couple of days. We can hear the fireworks even though we are over 30 km. from the city. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Canada (Ottawa) yesterday afternoon. They, Will and Kate, will also be spending some time in PEI (Prince Edward Island). It will be crazy over on the island when they are there. We were entertaining the idea to 'go see', we'll see.

Summer is upon us. What is in store for us? Time will tell. We have found that we don't like to plan trips well in advance. We would rather just pack things up and go and not be stuck with a rigid schedule and tight time lines. Of course if it involved air travel, then we'd have to compromise....a little.

It has worked for us over the years. Let's see where this summer will take us.

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