Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday's Selection

This is one of my favourite pieces of 'classical' music. It congers up a few good memories when I was in the Royal International Nova Scotia Tattoo in the early 90's. It was the 'theme' of the Tattoo one year.....New World.

Dvorak wrote this second movement of his New World Symphony after his return from America. You can hear the influence this trip had on him.........I think of the American deep south when I hear this.

Hope you enjoy this piece as you stare out a window and let your imagination fly.


  1. Beautiful! Very uplifting for a Sunday morning!

  2. Oh, the "Goin' Home" Symphony. I have always loved it.

  3. I love this symphony! It is one of my favourite classical pieces. Over in England it was ruined a bit, because it was used as a background for a 'Hovis Bread' advert. So now everyone refers to it as the 'Hovis theme tune'. Heathens!

  4. I know this only as the Hovis music. Is that very uncultured of me?

  5. One of my favorite composers.

  6. and I still have a Hovis bread recipe from 1980 in Vancouver!!! Is this some kind of weird connection!!


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