Saturday, July 30, 2011

Retro Saturday

While looking for a few things to post for today's retro theme, I looked around the house and found these three items which fit the bill.

This lighting fixture was originally in a national department jewelry store. About 25 years ago I noticed that they were having a demolition sale of all their fixtures. The building had been there for decades and I liked this a lot. It is now in our kitchen.

The bowl above comes from Ron's mother's house. It hung in their kitchen for a very long time. There is some wear and tear but the scene is of a small town much like the one in which Ron and his mother grew up. It may even be that town in another century.

Speaking of Ron's family hometown, Wolfville, this photograph was taken 'just up over the hill' in the Gaspereau Valley. It is an area full of apple orchards (thus the apple blossoms) and over the past two decades or so these apple orchards are being replaced by vineyards.  The photographer, Wallace Macaskill, is from  Nova Scotia and is known for his photos of ships and scenic views of the province.
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