Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thinking Out Loud

With all the economic, political and 'religious' turmoil that is going on in the world at this very moment, have you ever wondered why we put up with it?

Why don't we, in the 'western' world, realize that we can do something about it ? Don't we live in a democracy where we 'call the shots' through our elected representatives?

How is it that we lost this power and balance? And why does it appear that our elected representatives are 'listening' to an entirely different group of very influential people now?

How long are we going to allow this imbalance to continue?


  1. I love it when you think out loud.

    It seems that a majority of the people don't want to get involved and don't think that their opinion counts. They vote for whoever puts out the most money in advertising instead of the most qualifies person.

    We all need to realize that the people in our governments are there because WE put them there. It's our fault. Perhaps we didn't do enough and settled for whatever came along.

  2. I actually have this discussion often with my teenage son.It seem like everyday or two something happens in the world that makes us wonder what the heck is wrong with these people in office!There is no reason it seems to us for things to be the way they are except for foolishness and greed of elected officials! I do not think these politicians have a clue and are so out of touch with the people and reality! OK ,I better stop now before I really start to rant,lol!

  3. I think that, first, we have to find some way to wake up the people, and get them involved. Apathy is our biggest enemy, and, unfortunately, these days, it seems to be rampant. Somehow, also, we have to get big money out of elections, maybe with a cap on spending. Though, fat chance that the politicians currently in office would ever vote for that. I'm afraid it will take a disaster to wake the majority of people up. Here in the US, we just might be getting one.

  4. I think I clicked too soon and erased my message, so I'll start over.

    The biggest problem that we face today is voter apathy. It's too much trouble to study the issues, and get yourself out to vote. Somehow, we have got to overcome that. We have got to make people see, again, that one vote does make a difference.

    And, we have to get big money out of elections. We need a cap on the amount that can be spent, not matter how donated, per individual campaign. Fat chance that the politicos currently in office will every vote that into law, however. Wouldn't it be wonderful if people actually had to read a candidate's writings, or listen to his speeches to form an opinion on his stand, instead of listening to carefully produced sound bites?

    It's discouraging. I've been as guilty as anyone, but the US debt crisis has finally made me wake up. So far, however, I've been totally unsuccessful in getting any of my friends to wake up, also.

  5. I was talking to somebody the other day about our crisis, and it was suggested that we shoot every one of these idiots. Yah? And then what? There is NO TIME to impeach, kick-out or shoot these fools and get us out of this mess and just who would take over? Someone else with warped sense of self, and greed? Power is a dangerous thing, no matter how it is accomplished.

  6. Apathy, Jim on our part.

    Corruption and greed on theirs.

    Always been like that and always will.

    More's the pity.

    Come the revolution...

  7. Well written.....good question....beautiful photos.....


  8. I think one of the big problems is money. It takes so much money to run for office with the tv ads, travel, etc, that only the rich get elected. And they sure don't represent the country I think we should be. I have no idea how to get around this problem.

  9. exactly what Chris said:
    when old, rich, white men stop making all the decisions for our world then things will change.

  10. Wonderful pictures.

    I guess that democracy is not a real democracy after all?

  11. I'm right there with you....if you watch and listen to tv...newspapers...the media in wonder where they get there one i know lives that way.....crazy....

  12. Exactly!!! So many people have become to complacent and just go with the flow.
    Elected officials are just that, elected!!!
    More people need to get involved and speak up!
    I have wondered this same subject for a long time now.
    But you know me by now that I am not one who just lets it all go by. Nope, I have a voice and I use it daily!
    One of your best posts!

  13. our political power was always elusive, and politics have always been a business of personal interests... it's only when we take to the streets that political entities pay [some] attention. nowadays though, social medias allow people to gather up more quickly now to rally to a cause or another. politics will change, gradually. they're always behind with society's reality...

  14. I once had it drummed into me that a leader is only a reflection of the people they're leading. Even if we're lucky enough to get someone with a vision which actually rises above the common, the people have to vote that leader in first, and then support them once they're there. In some way the current morass of politics and economics is a reflection of our group western consciousness...the pursuit of comfort became all consuming and we in the process we forgot how powerful we really are. Well, the comfort level is declining now. :-) Maybe that's actually a good thing.


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