Saturday, July 16, 2011

Retro Saturday

Still in the 'collector' mode and as such today I'd like to show you 3 little plates and 4 little goblets.

Got these at the 'Sally Ann' a few weeks ago.

Let's start with the plates. They are Currier and Ives paintings and were produced in Japan.

A season is nicely represented on each one. Too bad that one of the seasons, winter, is missing. Something to look for to make this set complete.

Saw a very similar set at Value Village recently. They were a little larger and were numbered 'collector plates'. And a lot more expensive I may add.

Now these 'goblets' (?) are too big to be egg cups and too small and clunky to be for wine.....maybe they are just for display.

Using one's imagination, I can see using these as vases for cut flowers.

Or how about napkin holders, maybe even for custard/pudding, yogurt, nuts or anything for that matter that suits your fancy.

These were also made in Japan.

I do not plan to buy anything, honestly, until we 'hit' the coast of Maine in August. I am just looking around here at home and seeing that maybe, just maybe, it is time to seriously get help, no I mean seriously find a venue from which to sell all this stuff.

I know I could through Etsy but the shipping from Canada is phenomenally expensive. What I would really like is to find a little shop in which I could place my stuff on consignment......a little fee for the shop owner and the rest to me to find more!!!! Kidding.

I really love the things I buy but the whole point was to sell it all when I was retired. And here I am.....retired! It's time Jim to let it go and create a ton of space figuratively and  literally.


  1. Good morning Jim.
    I was going to write that I'll make it my mission to find you that Winter plate but then you did something that I never thought you would do and that is to write that you want to get rid of some stuff. Let me tell you, that totally turned me on. But here's the deal. Whereas I get rid of crap and toys that my kids don't use, you actually have beautiful things and it will be harder for you. My suggestion is to get rid of something that you really love and then everything after that will be a piece of cake. Speaking of cake, I think we have some cheesecake in the fridge and I want to get to it before the kids wake up.
    Have a great day! m.

  2. Cool stuff! I asked around about consignment - they want 50%. I really think that's a bit greedy, or am I wrong? I just think they couldn't sell their own stuff if they didn't have other people's stuff to stock the shelves! JMHO

  3. Well, maybe you can enjoy the stuff, just a little while longer....

    After all, you bought it because you liked it :)

    My house is small, I only allow myself to buy things that mean something to me. It must reflect a good time in my life and help to capture the memories. Problem is, they're all good times.

  4. Easier said than done Jim when you have so much nice stuff.

    You need to rent a warehouse, put a comfy armchair in the middle of it all and gloat for an hour each day.

    Therapy session over $300.00 please.

  5. If those goblets were made in Japan, perhaps they are handleless tea cups and the tea pot has been lost or broken. Or perhaps saki cups although they look a little big for that.

  6. you must be contagious!!
    i added pictures of a cup i have in my sepia saturday post because it was apropos. and no, IT'S NOT FOR SALE!! see, i'm helping you here to resist the urge...
    you shopaholic you!!

  7. Love your little collections of things Jim, it`s what makes a home interesting [well-I think so anyway !]and it brings you pleasure-don`t stop !

  8. I wouldn't have thought those plates were Japanese until you said it and I looked closely at the trees. They are painted in a very oriental fashion.

    I did wonder what you did with the stuff you collected. It seems such a shame to sell it because you have so many gorgeous things. Maybe you could enjoy them a little longer?!

  9. Debra, of course! Probably for tea or a lot of Saki!

    I would keep all this stuff if we had a bigger house in which to display/use it!

    They say it is a great feeling to just let it all go....and simplify.

  10. They do say it feels good to simplify, but, man, it's hard. Especially when you have so many lovely things, like you do. But, you know, with the economy the way it is, it's going to be hard to sell anything, so, I think you should hang on to your stuff for a bit more, and enjoy it. ;-D

  11. I like those cups - they look like Fall.

  12. As a recent down-sizer, I appreciate your struggle. I have been so happy to have so much less and then two days ago I passed a shop and saw something I absolutely do not need and I can't stop debating whether or not to buy it. (I love those goblets, by the way.)


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