Saturday, July 16, 2011

Retro Saturday

Still in the 'collector' mode and as such today I'd like to show you 3 little plates and 4 little goblets.

Got these at the 'Sally Ann' a few weeks ago.

Let's start with the plates. They are Currier and Ives paintings and were produced in Japan.

A season is nicely represented on each one. Too bad that one of the seasons, winter, is missing. Something to look for to make this set complete.

Saw a very similar set at Value Village recently. They were a little larger and were numbered 'collector plates'. And a lot more expensive I may add.

Now these 'goblets' (?) are too big to be egg cups and too small and clunky to be for wine.....maybe they are just for display.

Using one's imagination, I can see using these as vases for cut flowers.

Or how about napkin holders, maybe even for custard/pudding, yogurt, nuts or anything for that matter that suits your fancy.

These were also made in Japan.

I do not plan to buy anything, honestly, until we 'hit' the coast of Maine in August. I am just looking around here at home and seeing that maybe, just maybe, it is time to seriously get help, no I mean seriously find a venue from which to sell all this stuff.

I know I could through Etsy but the shipping from Canada is phenomenally expensive. What I would really like is to find a little shop in which I could place my stuff on consignment......a little fee for the shop owner and the rest to me to find more!!!! Kidding.

I really love the things I buy but the whole point was to sell it all when I was retired. And here I am.....retired! It's time Jim to let it go and create a ton of space figuratively and  literally.

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