Monday, July 11, 2011

Contemplative Monday

"By learning not to bite the hook now (fuel any fires in which we find ourselves), with the little annoyances of an ordinary day, we'll be preparing ourselves to work with whatever lies ahead with compassion and wisdom." by Pema Chodron from her book 'Taking The Leap'


  1. A very good bit of advice Jim!

  2. I like to think that I leave your Blog feeling a little smarter from the visit. But then sometimes, I think, "everyone is smarter than I am". Oh well! But I do know that I love your photos. m.

  3. JIM. . ..this is an excellent bite to savor and chew on, gently. . .When I think about it I feel quite silly carrying someone else's "clutter" and taking it on as if it were my burden, thus making me, as it were, deviate from my own gentle/peaceful space. . .
    Thanks for the reminder.

    justin o'shsea

  4. Good thought, If I bit, on every annoyance, I would be ready for the loony pit!

  5. Again I must say thank you for your blog! Why do you ask? Simple, you make me feel so much lighter spiritually and mentally. So, thank you!

  6. She makes it sound so easy...

    ...not so easy to get all these hooks outta my mouth!

  7. I always leave here thinking... that Jim, he's so clever & well read and takes bloody good photos !!

  8. Lovely quote and pictures! I feel a tad calmer now...

  9. I need you to "talk to me" everyday
    to get me in a better calmer mood!

  10. love the clouds..nice post Jim...

  11. you see, me, i like biting on that hook!! after a while, the endorphins kick in and it doesn't hurt so bad and you increase your pain tolerance, so you can better handle bigger things as they don't seem so big anymore...

    time to call my therapist...

  12. That reminds me of the serenity prayer...You know the one..God grant me the serenity, the courage and the wisdom...
    When things are frantic, it gets me through the day.

    Wyatt's Mom

  13. Our minds can change an ordinary day into extraordinaire in the blink of an eye.. perception is a mind-game changer.

    Pam i am :D


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