Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Revenge.....good, bad or ugly?

Remember I had mentioned that a lawyer had once suggested that since he couldn't do anything for me regarding a very vindictive landlady, there was one thing that I could do for myself.........revenge!

In a post a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that a very prominent lawyer in town had mentioned that "revenge can be good for the soul." And he proved to be correct......

You see, we, and a half dozen other tenants, were evicted from this building because we had officially complained about a rent increase. It was doubled when the building was sold and run by a very unscrupulous person.

We had every right to complain but we found out that she had every right to 'jack up' the rent as well.

To add insult to injury she started making up stories that all of us were destroying her building and the property around it. She even accused Ron and I of slashing her friend's car tires just because it was parked next to ours!

She also claimed that our dog at the time had 'attacked' a friend of hers. This dog, Regan, was a very docile creature who wouldn't hurt a flea.

So the games began when she took over the building. A few of us went to lawyers and we had our meeting/hearing with the Residential Tenancy Board. It was quite an eye-opener of an experience.

At the 'hearing' said landlady presented herself as this caring, thoughtful, good-natured human being. She explained why she had to raise the rent. They listened and agreed with her. And she was within her rights to evict us. We had three months to leave the premises.

So, Mr.Lawyer told me that there wasn't anything he could do except give me some advice which would 'help me heal' the disappointment of losing to this person.

He said that since the building was in terrible shape to start with, I could call every municipal building inspector that was available and lodge a formal complaint. So I did!

I contacted electrical, safety, water, and the fire marshal. They all condemned portions of the building and ordered immediate repairs to be made.

This of course infuriated 'landlady dearest' and she proceeded to do all she could to get us out of there ASAP! And because she did make us miserable, we found another place and moved.

So, did I feel better doing what I did? A resounding YES I DID! You see she knew she was pushing the limits of the law and was barely within it. But I guess that didn't matter to her.

Thinking back on this incident I kind of admire the courage we all had in confronting this situation. We were younger (it was 1977), energetic and were out to 'make the world right'! We tried....and learned a lot in the process.

And coincidentally, last Saturday morning I was listening to a CBC radio program called Strange Animal and they were talking about 'revenge'....is it good or does it have dire consequences for the avenger? 

One interesting point was the fact that men are generally better at revenge than are women. It is mentioned that historically men were always in the position to have to do this to protect their 'group'. 

Women did the nurturing of the family unit and left the confronting to the men.

If you are interested in this radio broadcast and want to learn a lot more about revenge, you can listen to it here.


  1. "For united we stand, divided we fall..."
    Hey listen, women are experts at revenge. Yes, men are kings of war but they kill, destroy and move on. Women can hold a grudge for as long as they live.
    Your Friend, m.

  2. This doesn't sound like revenge - which I think is very negative and never good for the soul.

    This sounds as if you were standing up to some very unethical behaviour.

  3. "Revenge is sweet and not fattening." -- Alfred Hitchcock

  4. They say that "revenge is sweet." And also that "revenge is a dish best served cold." This convinces me that revenge is ice cream. Yum!

  5. Oh, I think up all sorts of diabolical ways to get revenge for something, but, it's only in my mind.

    Good for you - to "get" that landlady!

  6. My motto: Don't get mad, get even.

  7. Hah, missing moments, that's my motto, too!

  8. Revenge, or justice?

    Jim, I don't know Ginny, but the horse world is a small world. Now if our paths cross I can say "Hey, I know Jim"!

  9. Sorry you had to even go through this situation.

  10. i am getting seasick because of the crooked horizon line.....

    revenge is good, when done in style!! i know style... revenge appears subtler and your reputation remains intact.

    by reporting all of those flaws in the building, and forcing her to fix them, you've only justified her increase in rent as she did improve the place.
    i'm just saying...

  11. They say 'revenge is a dish best served cold....' I think you were standing up for yourself. I admire you for doing what you felt like you had too--I've done the same thing a couple of times, and never look back with regrets, at least not too many!

  12. I have too much guilt, catholic mother, to ever act on revenge but it sure has entered my minds eye and played out there. Would you do it again??? Then it was worth it!

  13. Perhaps there's both constructive and destructive revenge...the avenue you took sounds constructive. Everyone in the world except the landlady was better off for it. Sweet.
    I love the way you write around these exquisite photographs. And the tinkle in the background is so soothing. The visuals and sound create a larger, calming context around some topics that can be loaded (i.e. revenge, politics, etc. I wonder if setting up this kind of environment could help in Congress and Parliament and the U.N. building?
    Thanks for coming by my blog Jim!

  14. Is justice the same thing as revenge?
    I had trouble thinking any vengeful thoughts while gazing at these lovely, peaceful photos!

  15. That sounds like a bad lady. I think we are successful as landlords because it's not just about money. It's about creating attractive living environments and working together to improve them. We're always intrigued when we give Christmas gift certificates to the tenants and they can't believe it.


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