Friday, July 8, 2011

Looking Through the Fence

Last Sunday we were in Halifax 'trying out' a restaurant new to us. After we left very full, I thought it would be a good change to walk in the city....downtown.
Since we had Sophie with us, it would be good for her to familiarize herself, again, with walking on-lead in the city. She is so used to 'running free' at the beach or a park.
Right in the heart of Halifax there is the Public Gardens. These are very old, Victorian gardens which occupy one large city block.
It is completely surrounded by this magnificent wrought-iron fence. We parked the car on the north side of the Gardens and thought we'd walk the perimeter. It was a beautiful evening and there were a few people about enjoying the sights.
We headed down the east side which is on South Park Street. Across the street from this corner of the Gardens is a landmark building which houses the CBC, Canadian Broadcast Corporation.
Another Halifax landmark is the Lord Nelson Hotel which is just a bit further down the street.
As we turned the corner to go down the south side, we stopped and looked at this magnificent main gate to the Gardens.
Sophie as you can see was very well behaved and delighted in all the spots to sniff. I bet she 'registered' a few dozen new scents and kept them tucked away where dogs keep such information.
As I was busy 'snapping away', Ron and Sophie turned onto the west side of the Gardens. This is Summer Street. Back in the 70's Ron and I had an apartment in this building. It is the one on the ground floor, left-hand corner.
We lived here for about a year. A sweet 'little old lady' (really) owned the building. There were about 20 or so units in it. Halfway through the year she had to sell it because it was too much for her to do on her own.
So new 'landlady' shows up and doubles the rent! About seven tenants objected and took her to the Tenancy Board. We were one of them. We lost and she kicked all of us out! I went to a lawyer and he said that she was within her rights.
He (now a MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly) in the government of the Province), told me that revenge can be so good for the soul especially when dealing with someone so ruthless. He gave me a few suggestions of which I followed through. That would be for another post!
Back to this was totally torn down a few years ago, saving only the facade. It looks exactly as it did back then. In the back they have built a condo high-rise with magnificent views of the city.
Across the street from this building and looking into the Gardens again, you can see this fountain. It is one of the focal points for visitors.
So making a turn down the north, and last, side we came upon the duck pond. 

I should mention that I worked here during my university summers. 
It was a great job to have and I learned a lot about gardening and the care of lawns. 
Back to the fence......a couple of more shots from the north side looking in. It was a good walk around this block and we slipped back in time for a second or two. And, Sophie learned that she can walk in the city....even if she is 'on leash'.


  1. Ooooo what lovely photo`s, I really liked the ones of the lake and the reflections on the water.

  2. that was a nice got some really great photos..

  3. That's a beautiful spot for a nice city stroll. I'm glad that Sophie enjoyed it. And, it sounds like you enjoyed most of the old memories that surfaced, minus the nasty landlady, of course. It will be interesting to hear what happened, with the lawyer's suggestions.

  4. Great that Sophie got to add to her 'smells' collection. That's every dogs life's work.

    Looks very green there Jim, green and tidy.

  5. I sure enjoyed my walk this morning!. Thanks for taking me along!

  6. The first time I was in Halifax, I stayed at the Lord Nelson. Beautiful hotel! I've enjoyed many lovely walks in the magnificent Public Gardens. I love the wrought iron gates. And they have a connection to my part of the country, the prairies! See that iron plaque on the left column? It commemorates the military forces sent to help subdue the Northwest Rebellion of 1885 in Saskatchewan (the Riel Rebellion).

  7. That shade looks so cool and inviting! What a wonderful place!

    (BTW can't move my garden apart, they each ave 120# of dirt plus some special stuff in them and they aren't movable - I had thought of that too)

  8. I so enjoyed strolling with you today!

  9. Don't leave me hangin' on that revenge post. Maybe on Monday? m.

  10. Thanks for sharing your stroll -great photographs,interesting buildings and a lovely park-loved it !

  11. This looks much prettier than the Halifax in Yorkshire just a few miles from where we live!

  12. what Mark said!!

    also, it felt as if I was walking right along with you today. Thanks for slowing down enough for me to keep up and admire all the wonderful sights!

  13. We live so far away from the cities that going with you was perfect for this Saturday morning. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Fantastic pictures!

  14. What gorgeous gardens! So lush and verdant.

  15. I love the little city gardens. Sometimes a whole block like this one and sometimes just a path between buildings. And still others are just someones well cared for front yard. They are always a nice little break from the craziness of the city.

  16. splendid view!!
    and i am awaiting now for those tales of revenge. when subtle, they're even sweeter. i got a couple of my own...


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