Saturday, July 23, 2011

Retro Saturday

When I originally saw these two pottery 'dishes' a couple months ago, I was intrigued with the workmanship and design on each.

I had forgotten to look up the signature on the back so when I saw them again, still on the same shelf at the Sally Ann, I scooped them up!

On the back of both is the name Cromarty and when I got home I 'googgled' it. I found out that it is a pottery business in northern Scotland and still in operation by the same family.

I thought I would contact them and let them know that a couple of pieces of their work has made safely over to Nova Scotia........which by the way means New Scotland.

Within the hour I had a reply from the son of the woman who started the business, her name was Alison Dunn.

He indicated that his wife had taken over the business and it was still 'going strong'. He was pleased that these dishes had made it over to Canada.

As far as the 'DS' on the above piece, he said that it was someone who had worked with his mother.

I am happy that I got these pieces of pottery.........and too that the business is still in operation after all these years.

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