Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday's Selection

The Rankin Family is as synonymous with  traditional Nova Scotian music as is fishing! They sound very Irish/Scottish....mainly because they are! Most of us here are.

They grew up in a small village, Mabou, on Cape Breton Island which is at the north eastern tip of Nova Scotia.

I absolutely love their harmonies. Hope this gives you a good 'start' to your day and maybe even a gentle ending to a busy one.


  1. Haunting and soothing.. just beautiful!

  2. thanx!
    enjoying my first coffee of the morning, and i have shivers right now, listening to one of my favorites. great way to kick off my day.
    thanx again!!

  3. Thanks for the introduction to traditional Nova Scotian music and the Rankin family. They have two new fans here.

  4. Love the Rankins, especially when the girls sing in gaelic!


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