Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Swimmer

  Back when Ron was in university, he was on the swim team.

Of course I didn't know him then. I met him the year after he graduated.

When we met and I found out he was a good swimmer, I thought, YES! Now I can learn to 'tumble turn' in the pool!

He was a very patient instructor and I eventually learned how to turn at the end of each lap in a more efficient way.

Back in those days (geez, now that sounds oldish!), our main source of exercise was swimming lengths in a pool.

Any pool would do. When we traveled we made sure there was a pool near by.

When we were heading west to live in Vancouver, we stopped at every major city/university that had a pool. I am serious.

I bet you we had swum at every pool that was available in Canada (and parts of the northern States) in 1979.

We were hooked on swimming for years. It became part of what we did on a daily basis....no matter where we were.

When I met Ron I had only been swimming for a couple of years. I taught myself. And yes he could tell.

So he taught me the 'correct' way to do each stroke......the crawl, backstroke, breast stroke and the butterfly and of course the dog paddle!

My favourite  strokes were the beast and back. Ron's was the butterfly and I used to love to watch him whip up and down the pool like a dolphin!

We haven't swum much in the past few years, so today while at the river, it was good to see Ron swimming again.

We were right at the mouth of the river where it empties into the ocean at low tide. And it was low tide today when we were there.

The neat thing about low tide is that while the river is emptying into the ocean it is a good time to swim up the river....against the current.

That's right against the current. This affords a tougher 'work out' and you really can't get very far up because of the current. So you basically stay in one spot!

We used to do this all the time here. And when Ron started to swim 'up river' today, I got these shots.

Now if the water had been a tad warmer, I would have joined him. Hey, it's only July here in the NORTH Atlantic.....I'll be waiting for early September to get my workouts! Yes, I will!


  1. You would never get me in that water it looks cold!!! There are few things as graceful as a good swimmer..well done to you both for keeping up with the excercise!

  2. Feel exhausted just looking at the photographs !you can tell he has good technique though x

  3. Clearly, Ron still has "fine form" in several different ways!

  4. Nothing like a good swim! I wish I had the stamina to do it now. Great shots of perfect form! The water looks lovely.

  5. Bravo for both of you to use it as a form of exercise! But I'm with you, would have been too cold to jump in!

  6. Nothing like a good swim to lift the spirits. Only way I know of that you can get a good exercise session and not sweat you head off. Synchronized swimmer here, when I was younger. I doubt I could do that now but I still love getting in the water and just splashing around.

  7. I love swimming in cold water--the colder the better. I guess that's because down here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, the water is always pretty warm. During the summer, it's nearly impossible to cool off even if you totally immerse yourself since as soon as you get out the high humidity gets you. Ron is a good sport and Sophie looks like she's having fun, too!

  8. The water really looks inviting on a hot day like today, but I'm wondering just how cold it really is! :-) I used to teach swimming for the Red Cross when I was in college, it really is great exercise, and lots of fun inside or out--I prefer outside!

  9. Beautiful, graceful swimmer.
    No snickering now, but I was on the synchronized swim team in college.
    I'm swimming again as physical therapy, and my biggest challenge is traveling a straight line! On bad days, I tend to drift.

  10. Terry, I hear you! Ron taught me to swim in a straight line....it helped especially while in a pool! lol

  11. in your speedos?
    in that cold water?
    i hear "shrinkage"!!

    as for the answer on my blog, it is "la place des arts" that complex where we have shows, concerts, ballet and opera.

  12. Fabulous ! looks cool & fresh in there & far far nicer than a swimming pool.

  13. It doesn't look cold, but I'm sure it was!

  14. I too was on the swim team back in the day and always enjoy an opportunity to get in a few strokes. My husband however, is a professional sinker. I'd never known anyone that could walk across the bottom of a pool before him.


    We in the South call swimming a "happy sport"....I am truly convinced it is absolutely true...!!!!...I love it too!!!

    ciao ciao elvira

  16. I'm so turned on right now.
    But I'll be fine in a minute or two.

  17. I never learned to swim but I love the water..great photos....

  18. Wonderful photo story and great action shots! That cold water looks very refreshing during our heat wave here.


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