Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Is Mid-Week Crises Anything Life Mid-Life Crises?

Don't have any clue where THAT title was heading! It just popped into me head.

Funny how we wait so long for summer (at least around here we do) and it's as if we've been in a trance when we all of a sudden wake up and realize it has come! Or maybe that's just me!

This post could turn into a series of 'short snappers'.

We have just 'booked' ourselves into a vacation to Cape Cod in August. We haven't been that far from home for a few years. It is time to 'hit the again' once again.

We love the Maine coastal route #1. It is chalk full of little towns and hamlets with the best retro shops on the upper east coast.........haven't been to the lower east coast but hear Savannah is pretty good too!

My oldest friend (as in longest maintained relationship) is in town from Toronto. Her name is Anne and we plan to spend some time together in the near future here and at the beach.

 We grew up in the same neighbourhood in Halifax but became friends while in university and actually we took the same education degree specializing in 'special education'.

We make each other laugh while Ron sits back and observes.....wondering how she finds me so funny! lol

The photos in this post are of the Dogwood tree, Cornus Kousa. It has more blooms this year than ever before. The blossoms have a 'green' tinge at first and turn whitish. It is absolutely covered this year.

Dad and I watched a great movie on TV Sunday night called 'Mr.Smith Goes to Washington' with Jimmy Stewart. I have never seen this but have of course heard all about it for years. We were both much so that Dad 'stayed up past his bedtime' to see it all.

I think this is a 'timeless' movie.....considering the nature of our political systems in the western world. Anyone with integrity and high moral standards can be looked at with suspicion and mistrust. Strange, eh?

Started using my 'kitchen herbs' already. I have a few growing just outside the kitchen on the deck........basil, parsley, dill, rosemary. Hope to get enough basil to make some pesto a little later on in the summer. 

You know when you think about it the ways we use to communicate today is pretty incredible. This afternoon I have been 'in touch' with my nephew in California through emailing back and forth. He is the father of those boys I blogged about last His replies were so instant.......must have been a 'good' time of day.

So, on this rather dark and rainy day here in Nova Scotia, Canada, I bid you a fond adieu!


  1. Love the images! It looks so lovely there. Cape Cod sounds glorious!

  2. Your comment about modern communication really struck home with me. Through it, I have been able to connect with a cousin that I knew about, but never really knew, my whole life. And, to find out how very much alike we are. This instant communication thing has its faults, but, on the whole I think does more good than bad. We just hear about the bad.

  3. I love your Wondering Wednesdays.
    Your Friend, m.

  4. Your planned Cape Cod trip sounds wonderful! And your dogwood photos are beautiful -- I've never seen dogwood in real life.

  5. I love Dogwood trees! They make me think of snow,I guess because we rarely see snow here.

  6. The photos were glorious! We go to Main every year in September ... spend our time in Camden and Boothbay Harbor and explore the other little towns on the coast. So much beauty!

  7. the funny thing about summer is that since i have been a kid it is one of those things that there never seems to be enough of. and that is alot to say, being from california, where many would say "it is always summer". summer here in los angeles seems to arrive around mid july at the earliest, after a tease in april and may, then lasts often until november before it starts to cool. though i recall many thanksgivings and christmases in the 80 degree range. summer looks lovely on the east coast--and since you post gorgeous pics i do not have to endure the humidity to see the best of it!

  8. That last shot was incredible!

    Cape Cod sounds nice, have never been there.

    Cannot believe, that you have never seen Mr. Smith goes to Washington! I think I have seen every film Jimmy Stewart ever made! (I like all the old ones)

  9. Can`t believe how many blooms there are on that dog wood -incredible !
    Bet you find lot of bargains on your holiday- sound just like my cup of tea-will be interesting to see what you bring home !

  10. love the photos on this post

  11. Absolutely freakin' gorgeous shots Jim. I love the shade of green and the little buds on top of the leaves. Fairy-like, in my opinion.

    Oh, and Maine sounds fabulous. I would so love to go somewhere on vacation -- but circumstances prevent that right now. Enjoy!

  12. Photos are beautiful - love green photos!

    Have a fantastic holiday in Cape Cod. We were there two years ago and it was "wicked awesome" as a certain young man would say! The whale watching off Providencetown was the highlight of our holidays! We still watch the DVD that was taken on board - the best $20 we ever spent! I was truly amazed when it arrived in Ireland two months later and was viewable here as well!

    As for Savannah, that's where we met Forest Gump last summer! We're back there in three weeks time - it is an incredible city and a fellow blogger has incredibly invited us over to Hilton Head again this year! We loved Savannah so much last year - if you ever get the chance it's well worth a visit! We had read and watched Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and to actually get to see Mercer House was wonderful!

    Anyway, have a lovely holiday in Cape Cod!

  13. a vacation would be nice....enjoy your friends visit.....laughter is so good for the sole...

  14. I would love to go to Cape Cod! It's so nice that you can get away. Jimmy Stewart is one of my favorite actors from the past... they don't make 'em like they used to!

  15. You set us up so well for the dogwood tree. You gave us glimpses of the beautiful flowers, and then BAM, the last shot of the whole tree just covered.
    Maybe it's because we have long winters like you do, but I feel the same way - it's like an awakening.

  16. if this was a dark and rainy day... i like it. splendid photographs.

    if both of your emails are set to refresh every minute, of course communication is fast. i know that's how mine is set up.

  17. Hello Jim! At what has been a long and exhausting several days for me, a vacation sounds wonderful!!! I have a good friend right now that is vacationing around Cape Cod and I heard from her that they are having a wonderful time and amazing weather. There's nothing like a trip to lift the spirits and to catch up with great friends!


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