Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Is Mid-Week Crises Anything Life Mid-Life Crises?

Don't have any clue where THAT title was heading! It just popped into me head.

Funny how we wait so long for summer (at least around here we do) and it's as if we've been in a trance when we all of a sudden wake up and realize it has come! Or maybe that's just me!

This post could turn into a series of 'short snappers'.

We have just 'booked' ourselves into a vacation to Cape Cod in August. We haven't been that far from home for a few years. It is time to 'hit the again' once again.

We love the Maine coastal route #1. It is chalk full of little towns and hamlets with the best retro shops on the upper east coast.........haven't been to the lower east coast but hear Savannah is pretty good too!

My oldest friend (as in longest maintained relationship) is in town from Toronto. Her name is Anne and we plan to spend some time together in the near future here and at the beach.

 We grew up in the same neighbourhood in Halifax but became friends while in university and actually we took the same education degree specializing in 'special education'.

We make each other laugh while Ron sits back and observes.....wondering how she finds me so funny! lol

The photos in this post are of the Dogwood tree, Cornus Kousa. It has more blooms this year than ever before. The blossoms have a 'green' tinge at first and turn whitish. It is absolutely covered this year.

Dad and I watched a great movie on TV Sunday night called 'Mr.Smith Goes to Washington' with Jimmy Stewart. I have never seen this but have of course heard all about it for years. We were both much so that Dad 'stayed up past his bedtime' to see it all.

I think this is a 'timeless' movie.....considering the nature of our political systems in the western world. Anyone with integrity and high moral standards can be looked at with suspicion and mistrust. Strange, eh?

Started using my 'kitchen herbs' already. I have a few growing just outside the kitchen on the deck........basil, parsley, dill, rosemary. Hope to get enough basil to make some pesto a little later on in the summer. 

You know when you think about it the ways we use to communicate today is pretty incredible. This afternoon I have been 'in touch' with my nephew in California through emailing back and forth. He is the father of those boys I blogged about last His replies were so instant.......must have been a 'good' time of day.

So, on this rather dark and rainy day here in Nova Scotia, Canada, I bid you a fond adieu!

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