Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What's It All About ? Alfie.

When I was a child, I would always be asking questions. Used to drive the family crazy, I'm sure.

My Mom had the most patience of everyone. I would ask her things that I'm sure my older sisters didn't or wouldn't.

No matter how absurd the question, my mother would always answer it the best she could. And of course, being young, I would take her replies as 'gospel'.

I remember when my father's mother died, I was around 5 years old. I couldn't get my head around what had happened. All I knew was that there was a lot of crying coming from my aunt and people were very sad.

I am sure I asked my Mom what dying was. And I am sure she gave me an answer that was befitting a five year old. 

I am certain that it was this first experience with death that set me on a journey to find out more about it. Why do we all die? What's the point of living, if we die? Who allows this to happen to those you love?

Never thought it would be 'life-long' journey. There were times I would spend too much time on this topic.....trying to understand and find the 'point' of it all. 

We all, I am sure, ask these questions sometime throughout our lives. And we all find 'answers' that work best for us.

Rest assured, I am not always serious. I do, and can, be 'light' about things. But I do need a reminder every now and then. That's where Ron comes in and gives me a 'nudge' to lighten up.


  1. They say the thing that separates humans from the animals is our consciousness of our own mortality. It's only human to contemplate the biggest mystery of all. Love those red maple leaves!

  2. I love the pictures! What glorious reds!

    Hmm, dying, very deep subject, I will take it when it comes, nothing we can do about it, no need to dwell. Yah........... lighten up!

    I guess I should listen to my own words LOL!

  3. those photos are fantastic!!!! Our leaves here in South GA have not changed colors yet-this is my favorite sign of cooler weather.
    Contemplative Tuesday, as well?

  4. I made a comment, but I don't think it went. So I'll try this again. First of all, Beautiful post! Even with my strong beliefs, I struggle with this topic... Some people are deeper thinkers than others, and that's when we need someone to bring us back to the present and lighten things up, as you said Ron does for you. There are so many different personalities floating around out there, and that's what makes life interesting. These pictures are lovely... thanks for sharing this today!!

  5. what a gorgeous series of photos, and a thought provoking post.........I think all children ask endless questions......


  6. thank you.
    reflecting on my last blog post...
    YOU may have been the nudge I needed to snap out of my recent 'funk'.

  7. Great pics! Red is my fav color.
    Ah, the subject of dying. Well, it IS going to happen to everyone. There is no stopping it. But in the meantime we can sure have one heck of a good time with this adventure that is life.
    Again I must say, I love your thoughts and posts. Hugs.

  8. I have a very deep belief in God, so my understanding of death is very different than those who might not share my views and my belief in the Bible. I don't fear my own death. I will merely continue on in another, spiritual form. That's not to say that death isn't sorrowful for me. It's hard to let go of ones we love so deeply and completely. But, my faith leads me to believe what the Bible says and I know I will be reunited with them in eternity. That doesn't answer your questions, but it's just an explanation of my beliefs. I love your photos! Those red leaves!! Ours are beginning to peak just now.


  9. Wow. I always think you have my MOST favorite leaf pictures ever. And then I come the next day and I love them even more.

    You are the best.

  10. a beautiful post. I have always been a little too 'dark' for those in my family. Things are what they are, why must you need to know??? Yeah, well, I had children just like me and lived long enough to understand their exhasperation!
    Thanks for you comment, I have been trying to stay in the moment all day, keep reminding me. Also, if you every want to share your heart story I would love to hear it. see you soon..;j

  11. ...MAGNIFICIENT and MAGIC tree in your garden, Jim;....bright, splendid red..; delicate and warm too; just SUBLIME!!!!

    Your deep thoughts about the "road of life" are framed so beautifully by these leaves ...!

    Have a wonderful week!!
    ciao ciao elvira

  12. It's my findings that without death, we can not appreciate life. While it may be beautiful, knowing that it is limited and ever changing, brings us to a point of appreciation for what we have. We should never go a moment without being grateful for it. Good and bad, each moment brings us to the next. When we are young we do different things than when we are old. Both can be very wonderful. And hopefully when it's our time to go, we can look back with pride for what we are passing on.

  13. What's it all about indeed. I still remember the day I realized that someday, every person currently on the face of the earth would be dead. It was a shock. I must not have been the brightest kid to be surprised at that one!

    But then we look at the leaves and the trees and our loved ones, and think what a wonderful world.

  14. It's just accepting that we are here. I love questioning children !

  15. Crikey, those pictures are absolutely amazing! And you raise some very thought provoking questions.

  16. Those nudges are so important! But it is okay to be serious sometimes.


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