Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First Sign of Snow

While taking Dad to the barber's today we drove through a couple of little snow squalls. Nothing serious but surely an indication of what's ahead.......since it is November now!!

Just got in from a walk at the beach. It is overcast and sprinkling this snow-like hail every now and then. It was refreshing along the trail and beach. Not too bad at all. I figure as long as we are wearing appropriate clothing for the conditions, then 'bring it on', I say.

Since we are out every day, our bodies get acclimatised as the seasons change right before our eyes.

I don't, or won't,  resist or complain about the cold. I promise. Looking forward to all the great pictures that will be out there.

Guess the colour will disappear very quickly after today. Will have to get used to muted grey, browns, the green evergreens and of course white. But there is beauty in those as well.

All photos taken same day, different time of Moon Japanese Maple.
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