Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Two Good Movies

As I mentioned last week, I borrowed four movies from the local library. 

I have since watched a couple more. Hemingway's Adventures of A Young Man was made in 1962. It was filled with quite a few 'stars' of the time, like Paul Newman, Eli Wallach, Dan Dailey, Diane Baker and starring Richard Beymer. 

The film covers the life of a young man, played by Richard Beymer, attempting to 'move out' from under his family's wing. He takes the leap and heads for NYC in search of employment with a newspaper company.

A lot happens along the way to his dream job, including enlisting in the war, the first World War. 

The film is dated and the sets are just that....mostly sets and this is obvious. You know how some older films look and sound like a 'broadway' play? But it is a good movie nonetheless. Mostly due to Richard Beymer and Diane Baker, his love interest. It is a good movie with good old-fashioned morals and values.

Now I come to the film that I feel was the best one of the four I chose, by far. It is William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice

Al Pacino! The movie was Al Pacino. He was incredible as the Jewish money-lender, Shylock.  Lyn Collins played the role of Portia. Besides being very beautiful to look at, she gave a very strong and convincing performance as a very strong woman who knew what she wanted from a man.

Joseph Fiennes plays the role of Bassanio. He wants the 'hand' of Portia but in order to do so he borrows a lot on money from his close friend, Antonio (Jeremy Irons). And thus the plot 'takes off'.

Fiennes is very convincing in his pursuit of Portia and his 'love' for his friend, Antonio.

Jeremy Irons' role was very dramatic and gut-wrenching. Without being overly negative about his performance, suffice it to say I am not a fan of his work but I do accept he has talent. Maybe it's his intensity and vigor he puts into his roles that I don't appreciate and find exhausting......far too dramatic and difficult to watch. Enough said.

If you can, see this film. It is so educational on many levels......friendship, romance, racism, bigotry, religion, history, the English language.

No wonder it was rated one of 2005's Best Pictures. Hope you get a chance to see this movie. It is jam-packed with everything and very entertaining.
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