Wednesday, November 17, 2010

At the Movies

I can't remember the last time we were at a movie theatre. Oh yes I can. It was over a year ago and the movie was A Single Man.

Before that, it was at least three years that we hadn't gone to a movie. We used to go weekly to something....anything. We enjoyed most of what we saw. We just got side-tracked a little I guess.

Going to movies can be a great pastime and an opportunity to 'get lost' for a while, take a break from the sometimes humdrum of our routine, or to just sit back and laugh. All depends on what it is.

On Monday we went to the Halifax Public Library and I picked up four DVD's. And I have a week to view them!

Here is what I got. First off, The Reader with Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes. It was released in 2008.

The next one is Hemingway's Adventure of A Young Man done in 1962. It has a huge cast of stars including Paul Newman.

Mr. Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice is another. The last time I read this was in grade 10. This was released in 2005 starring Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, Joseph Fiennes and Lynn Collins.

The last for this week is The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot. I also studied this in grade 10. It was released in 1978 and stars Pippa Guard, Christopher Bake, Anton Lessor, and Judy Cornwell. I have never heard of any of these actors. (I heard that John!)

My intentions are to watch all of these this week. Whether or not I review them is iffy. I guess it depends on my reaction to them. But I am looking forward to getting into DVD's this winter. I'll let you know how it goes.

The library has hundreds of these. Looks like I get blurry eyed this winter!!!


  1. I haven't seen ANY of these movies. I am so far behind in my movie-watching! I haven't even seen A Single Man yet and it is one of my "must sees!"

  2. I've seen & read The Reader - very moving. Studied the Merchant of Venice but never saw it - don't know the film but ADORE Paul Newman & Mill on the Floss has a good cast there but a bit dated in the filming I should think !

    Thanks for your comment. Both Jess & Joe see very visually & think laterally- they spell phoenetically. They are very good at those visual puzzles you get. They're both extremely aticulate ( only when they want to be ! ) Sometimes being dyslexic can be a bonus - Jess was once asked if she was writing in code & she thought that was so funny.
    Joe has just finished an excellent English assessment with the help of a reader & a scribe. Neither of them has ever used it as an excuse not to hand in work etc or let it get them down.
    Sometimes in a conversation, they get a word wrong which changes the context of the sentence drastically... & we all end up in stitches !

  3. Sounds like you got some good ones! I spent Sunday enjoying The Maltese Falcon and my man Bogie! The classics never go out of style do they?

  4. Oh I have just told my hubby that we have to have DVD's tonight,it's raining here,but alas we are too far out of town to quickly drive out just for that! I have been to the movies for the first time in 3 years a while back. The closest movie house is 1 1/2 hours drive away from us! I wish I could watch the Hemingway movie...

  5. My hubby's a real movie buff, and he likes almost everything he sees. He's always dragging me off to the movies or bringing home DVD's to watch. Though I love a good movie, I'm way critical when it means giving two solid hours of my life to be entertained. The movie needs to have an ending that brings it all together, otherwise a perfectly good movie will only get a low score in my book. I think you should review these movies for us Jim, let us know how they rated. I especially would like to know how you like the Reader, it looks good... but I never heard of it before. I'll be waiting :)

  6. do you have netflix? i LOVE netflix--for me it is the perfect relationship! for $8 a month, i get a service that is always there when i want it, works overtime to please me, and is only interested in what i like. why can't i find a guy like that? anyway, enjoy the movies. i do love going to the theater, and we have some great ones here in los angeles--but at up to $16 a pop i usually reserve that for BIG movies, and watch the smaller ones at home. warning about the reader--you will see more of kate winslet than you will ever want to see again--though she is lovely. on the plus side, you get to see the young man naked as well. ha!

  7. a nice selection James!
    but I must tell you off a little....
    you must get yourself to the cinema more!!!
    movies are meant to be seen in their original form on a screen!!!
    get your arse into gear and go to the cinema

  8. i too love movies, and watch many. these sound like they might be some good ones. we happen to love pride and predugece [spelling] have you seen that?

  9. Our library system has download-able books, which is great because our local library is teeny, although charming.

  10. Love me some Netflix on a cold winter day. They have that never ending supply of movies. We get two at a time and only takes a day to get the next one. So we always have something to watch. In the summer it may take a week or two to get to one, but in the winter, there's nothing like cozying up with a movie and a hot cupa. Enjoy.

  11. Bobbi, I'll see what I can do. Have seen two already.....The Reader and The Adventures of a Young Man.
    Stew and Caliman, I'll check to see if we can get Netflix here in Canada. Sounds good....I'll never have to leave the house! lol
    Chris, haven't seen Pride and Prejudice. You recommend it?

    Feral Female, I love the 'classics' too.
    Debra, you will love The Single Man. Julianna Moore is superb in it.

  12. I haven't seen any of those movies either, but I do hope you enjoy them. It can be great fun in the winter months. And I'm glad you liked my comment about the coffeetable book - I've seen others having the same idea for you, so think about it.--Inger

  13. I haven't been to the cinema in 20 years! I can't sit still long enough. xxx


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