Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shubie Park

Yesterday we decided to try out an 'off leash' dog park in Dartmouth.

Dartmouth is the twin city of Halifax and is basically where most people who work in Halifax live.

So off we went to Shubie Park. Shubie is an abbreviated form of the word Shubenacadie which is a native Mi'kmaq word.

We have never taken Sophie here before but have heard great things about it....very dog friendly and lots of room for them to play and interact.

The park is situated on Lake Micmac (Mi'kmaq) and has walking trails for non-dog people as well as for us dog people.

Ron, I'm sure, will tell you all about the dogs we met and the fun that Sophie had. 

As you can see it dates back to the 1800's and was a major transportation link to other places in Nova Scotia.

In the 1970's the government provided funds to restore and clean up this area and 'bring it back' to what it looked like in the past. My brother, Dennis, worked here during that time and I remember some of his stories about what a messy job it was!

Shubie is a very popular park and well-used by the local community. There is a beach on Lake Micmac as well.......but not for people! It is a dog beach! You got to love it.

It is a very beautiful place with lots of areas to stop and breathe in the surroundings. Lots of trees, water and of course the locks.

Needless to say, if Sophie's reaction was any indication of the fun she had, we will be returning to Shubie on a regular basis from now on. 

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