Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday's Selection

Today is my mother's birthday. She would have been 90 years old. Having died three years ago, it is always nice to stop and think about her.

                                    This is my mother and father in 1938 before they were married. That's a bottle of Coke in his hand!

Mom had a very difficult life. She was diagnosed with Bipolar illness many years ago. As some of you may be aware, Bipolar illness requires medication if one is to have a reasonably 'comfortable' (for lack of a better word) life.

My Mom was very inconsistent with her meds. In fact for most of her adult life she refused to take anything to help her. Needless to say this made life very interesting around our house!

But, when I stop to remember Mom I do not think about the 'highs' and 'lows' she had. I remember her gentleness and soft voice. She was a very considerate and compassionate woman. And could she knit!!! And bake too. No one can come near her 'tea biscuits'. She used to say: " In order to make the best biscuits you can't 'work' them too much". I still don't have it down!

So today, on the anniversary of my mother's birth, I would like to send out this 'Sunday Selection' to her. I know if there was a way for her to be 'listening', she'd find it.

This was one of her favourite songs. It is by Nova Scotia's own Anne Murray.


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your mom. I've had people in my life with 'extremes' as well and I know it can make life difficult at times. This was nice... and I love the Anne Murray song!

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your mother! I think she's 'listening' and hearing your sorrow very well; mom's are just like that, you know?

  3. Nice tribute to your Mom! I would bet you did have an interesting childhood! I know about Bipolar, as my brother suffered from it, yes, life can be very interesting, she probably was knitting and baking at the same time! LOL! I know, not nice, but sadly true. It was my own Mom's birth anniversary on the 25th, she would have been 94.

  4. Of course she's listening, and knows that you thought of her. Mom's always know. It's my turn, today, to thank you for letting us get to know your Mom, just a little.

  5. Our society and medical profession are only now starting to understand bipolar disorder and we still have a long, long way to go. I think it's a lot more common than people realize. Have you read Margaret Trudeau's new autobiography? It deals with her own bipolar struggles. I'm glad you commemorate your Mom with love and compassion.

  6. This too was one of my mother's favorites. She is still physically still with us on earth. But her mind and body have left us years ago. It was nice to remember her as she was for a few moments, rather than how she is now.

  7. What a lovely tribute to your mom on her birthday. Very few of us had idyllic childhoods so you are in good company! :-)

  8. Jim, that's a beautiful remembrance, and a beautiful song.

  9. Awwww... that is a lovely, and very poignant song. I can really relate to you having a mother with Bi-Polar. I don't talk about it much, but my mother also had the same... unfortunately she didn't make it and committed suicide when I was 21 and she was 41. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  10. What a lovely post, remembering your Mom. My Dad just had a birthday too, he would have been 106, but he has been gone a long time now.--Inger

  11. Jim, what a lovely tribute, and that you remember the good times, and her talent and gentleness. I'm sure she is not that far away and knows you are thinking of her today.

  12. awww, how sweet, jim... i am sure she can feel your love across the miles of where ever we go from here. cuz i believe love transpires every barrier...

    my mom loved anne murray too. its very sad and disco pointing about the state of our mental health system, things are not handled the way they should be at all. theres just no support.. its sad.

    love that song.

  13. She used to say: " In order to make the best biscuits you can't 'work' them too much". I still don't have it down!

    And she is right, and I too can't make a decent tea biscuit.

    Lovely tribute,


  14. What a lovely caring post for your mom.

  15. What a beautiful way to remember your Mom. She sounds kind. Kind is my favorite sort of person Jim. My very favorite.


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