Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday Here We Come

It's Tuesday morning and I don't know what I am going to post today. I'll just see where this will take me.....and you.

Oh yes, yesterday we were in Halifax sitting in our car sipping our coffee/tea and Ron said 'look over there'. I did and saw this.

I follow a blog called The Hen House and some of you may be familiar with Penny, the bloggeress(?). Check her blog out here, you'll really like it.

So I took a few pictures of this shop which is located in a unique area of the city called the Hydrostone, of which I have previously spoken.

Since it is Tuesday we will bringing lunch to Dad today. Last evening I made a chicken stew which he seemed to enjoy the last time I made it. We'll see......

Actually Dad should be calling pretty soon as he does every Tuesday morning with a small 'shopping' list of things he needs.

Ever since he stopped driving, about a year ago, he finds it frustrating that he has to depend on his kids to do things for him. He was always a very independent man and to have to depend on someone is new to him. We assure him that it is no bother to us, but it is difficult for him at times.

As can be seen in this post, we also went for a walk yesterday in our favourite Halifax park, Point Pleasant Park. It was devastated in 2003 by Hurricane Juan, thousands of trees fell like matchsticks. A real shame but now you can see the ocean from the centre of the park! And lots of little trees are beginning to grow. So in a few generations it will be back to the grandeur it once was.

Dad just called and 'placed his order'. So off we go. Have a great day everyone.

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