Friday, November 26, 2010

Do You Read Your Horoscope?

I love reading my horoscope but only if it is by Rob Brezsny.

There is a local weekly newspaper here in Halifax called The Coast and it was here that I discovered Mr.Brezsny's horoscope column called Free Will Astrology.

Since I am a Cancer and Mr.Brezsny is also, I feel I am getting the 'inside scoop' of the meaning of life. Not really, but I do find his writing and explanation of the world of astrology to be intelligent, humourous at times and insightful.

I know some horoscopes tend to dump all people together under their individual 'signs' and there is no escaping their narrow parameters. In Free Will Astrology you don't get that group/clone mentality.

Some people take astrology/horoscopes very seriously as does Rob Brezsny. There just may be more to astrology than meets the eye.

I, for one, think there is something to the notion that the time and place of our birth can and does have an effect on our lives. It is up to us if we wish to acknowledge this.

There is something mysterious about all of this too. I guess that is what attracts me the most......a sense of the unknown and unexplained. Plus  it is exciting when your horoscope is EXACTLY YOU!!! How did they know?! lol

Have some fun with your astrological sign. Check out this guy and see what you think.
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