Friday, November 26, 2010

Do You Read Your Horoscope?

I love reading my horoscope but only if it is by Rob Brezsny.

There is a local weekly newspaper here in Halifax called The Coast and it was here that I discovered Mr.Brezsny's horoscope column called Free Will Astrology.

Since I am a Cancer and Mr.Brezsny is also, I feel I am getting the 'inside scoop' of the meaning of life. Not really, but I do find his writing and explanation of the world of astrology to be intelligent, humourous at times and insightful.

I know some horoscopes tend to dump all people together under their individual 'signs' and there is no escaping their narrow parameters. In Free Will Astrology you don't get that group/clone mentality.

Some people take astrology/horoscopes very seriously as does Rob Brezsny. There just may be more to astrology than meets the eye.

I, for one, think there is something to the notion that the time and place of our birth can and does have an effect on our lives. It is up to us if we wish to acknowledge this.

There is something mysterious about all of this too. I guess that is what attracts me the most......a sense of the unknown and unexplained. Plus  it is exciting when your horoscope is EXACTLY YOU!!! How did they know?! lol

Have some fun with your astrological sign. Check out this guy and see what you think.


  1. Yup, I check my horoscope. I also believe in astrology. Will check out Mr.Brezsny. Going to take me awhile to catch up with what has been going on with you! Sure have missed ya!

  2. I've been fascinated by astrological symbolism since I was 12 years old! I know lots of people love Free Will Astrology.

  3. Hmm, does he do years? My husband and I have the same birthday and I used to read the horoscopes, then one day it said a new love will enter your life. Crumble, crumple, toss!

    We are very much alike and yet so different in some things, I sometimes wonder what the attraction was.

  4. Jim. . .how/where do we find him? ;-)

    Interested also. Thanks. . .justin

  5. HmmmHmmm... Right on the money. Interesting. yes, most horoscopes tend to be generalizations that can apply to everyone, but this is a little more specific and unusual!!

  6. I read mine when I stumble across it. I liked the Free Will link, and as always I like the images you posted.

  7. That is a different horoscope. I don't usually bother with them. I have trouble with most belief systems, and tend to believe what I see in front of me.

  8. I've been fascinated with astrology for a long time, but have never heard of "Free Will" I'll have to look at it...I hope you've had an enjoyable day!

  9. I read mine & believe it sometimes....(if it's good!) I'm Gemini, so apt! xxx

  10. I like how we sometimes fit our star sign profiles very well - I'm a Aquarian.

    Thanks for your comment - I'm doing the post about the houses today & can add more info when I've found a box of paperwork in the loft !

  11. I have been reading Rob's horoscopes for years, and they are the only ones I read--so original and entertaining! I don't believe in astrology at all, but I do feel that there are many influences that contribute to who we are, it is just that the planet's alignment and gravity forces are too weak of a force on our bodies to have much sway (science is always my source). But it is fun to read.


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