Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

Off to bring lunch to Dad in a couple of hours. I made a fish chowder last night and had it 'setting' overnight.

My Dad, who is 94 years old, is doing quite well lately. He is becoming less mobile by the day and has a 'walker' to help him get around the house and for those 'not too frequent' outings. But all in all, he is doing fine.

                 Ron and Dad
I was talking to an acquaintance yesterday whose career has been working with the elderly for the past 25 years. She is a 'goldmine' of information and resources should my family ever require advice for my father's care.

Met up with a standard Poodle yesterday at Point Pleasant Park in Halifax. He was a great looking dog and towered over Sophie. They got along really well. Whenever she meets up with another Doodle or Poodle, something 'clicks' in both of them. And away they go!

They know exactly how to play together. They bound around in a similar fashion as if they are speaking the same language! So much fun to watch.

Watched Oprah yesterday. It was the reunion of the cast of The Color Purple. Whoopi Goldberg came out first. I like her. She doesn't 'beat around the bush'. She is a very talented woman. And was a central character in this ground-breaking film. 

As can be seen in the following photo and the first one, the last of the leaves in the garden are starting to fall. This Japanese Maple, called Bloodgood, for the first time has kept it's leaves well into November. It has been a sight to be seen and a great source of a few colourful photos.

Believe it or not, we found a rose in bloom today. It is far from perfect but must have been determined to survive. It is a New Dawn climbing rose. The weather has been mild for here....the last few days have been between 10 and 17 degrees celsius. I guess that would be around 50 to 55 F. I think. 

Just a 'shout out' to two of my fellow bloggers who are having surgery this week. Sharon from Life With Jack and Jill.......good luck with your eye surgeries this coming week. We are thinkin' about you! And Jojo at My Random Insanities who is having thyroid surgery......all the best Jojo!


  1. Amazing color! Maybe when I am retired "for real" I can take a trip northeast to view the fall foliage. As it is, school keeps me grounded here on the plains during the prettiest months of the year. I watched Oprah yesterday, too. Anything Whoopi does is craftsmanship. That movie was wonderful and I can't believe Steven Spielberg still has that sofa!

    Have a great day!


  2. I watched the Oprah reunion show of The Colour Purple too -- wasn't it great? Made me want to watch the movie yet again.

  3. I know what a hassle it is to go on an outing with an elderly person, but they SOOOOOOO appreciate it! Even when Mom complained about everything under the sun the entire trip, I knew she was still having a good time and tried not to snap back at her. Didn't work all the time, unfortunately, but hey, I'm human. Way down here in the deep South, all the flowers and bugs are totally confused with the warm weather--and the humans are running around in shorts and t-shirts! Love those beautiful maples--once upon a time we had one but Katrina knocked it down.

  4. still think you dad looks like the The Six Flags guy!

  5. You Dad is blessed to have you! I love to hear the stories about your outings with him!

  6. I think a coffee table book would be a great idea !You take such wonderful photographs, it amazes me too-we still have roses flowering, would love to wander round your garden-trouble is I would be itching to sneak cuttings of everything !

  7. Good Morning Jim!
    If I had my druthers, I believe I'd rather have one of these Japanese Maples in my yard then one of the pecans! Sure is pretty!
    Thanks for the good wishes on my eyes! I hope it works well and I can read again, I mean really read!
    Ahh, the last rose of summer!
    Really glad you are taking time with your Dad! Old folks need all that interaction and oh what memories he has of the "good old days"! You are so fortunate to still have your Dad. Mine would be 98, if he hadn't passed when he was 59! I still miss him!
    Give that amber-eyed babe a hug from me!
    Have a great day!

  8. Sophie, NO TREATS FOR YOU!!!

    Janet, you are welcome to all the cuttings you want.
    Melodie, yes I count my blessings.
    Sharon, that would be a difficult decision....pecans or maple tree.
    Chris, I have those 'human moments too!
    Liz, You're going to LOVE retirement!
    Deb, I will pick up the movie very soon. I'd like to see it again too.

  9. That Japanese maple is just stunning. Good on you for taking such good care of your dad!Have a great day!

  10. How nice of you to take your dad out. I know what a chore it is, but it is so worth it. I hope you have him around for a long time.

  11. I am with the crew here; loved the Color Purple and its cast. Must have seen that movie about 100 times. I know some of the lines by heart and all the music.

    Your Dad looks like he is a character and has amazing stories just bubbling up from within.

    Have a great day,

  12. Just got back from Dad's. He was in good spirits and kept us entertained. He took an office managements course back when he was 18 years old....that would be in 1934! He told us a story that when the teacher was out of the room he organized the rest of the typing class (about 15 of them) into a 'musical' of sorts. He lead everyone in a rendition of 'Pop Goes The Weasel' using the keys for rhythm and the typewriter bell for the 'pop'. When she returned and saw/heard what was going on, he was told to leave the class because Miss Murphy, the teacher and owner of the business school, knew it was him. lol That's my Dad to a 'T'!

  13. Howdy Jim,
    Your Japanese Maple is beautiful beyond words. How wonderful that you still have your Dad with you and that you do such nice things for him. My dad made it to 93 and passed away 2 years ago.
    Happy lovies to Sophie :)

  14. What a great movie! How many times did I cry during that movie?!

    Glad your dad's doing well. Bless his heart... 94 and still going strong, sharing wonderful stories... and what a leader he was!! A thoughtful son to take him fish chowder!

    Message for Sophie: Don't worry Sophie, Ron will make sure you get your treats.... Now be more careful in the future. Can you say, 'Grandpa looks like Robert Redford only much younger'? Treats from Ron, Treats from Jim and Treats from Grandpa as well. Everybody wins. Good luck sweetie.

  15. The Japanese Maple is glorious! That's the word for it - glorious!

    I loved the typing class story. It's wonderful that your Dad enjoys outings and can tell a great story.

  16. Your dad sounds delightful...I miss my father, who passesd away 30 years ago at age 52...
    I want a dress that shade of red!

  17. 94, ehhhh? That's a fair innings! Does longevity run in your father's family lines?

  18. The color purple is my favourite film ever! I adore Whoopi too. Your dad looks wonderful, bless him. xxx

  19. Your dad is looking wonderful. I'll bet part of the reason he's doing so well is the love (and homemade soup) that you share with him.
    Your Japanese Maple is a revelation - what gorgeous leaves! And I love the copper beech photo in the following post. The contrast with the blue sky is stunning.

  20. Jim, I'm watching Annie Lennex sing on "Dancing with the Stars", and I'm hoping you saw her too.

  21. awww those red leaves are just breathtaking, jim! wow... i would have to make something out of them for sure, like a reath or something woodsie.
    i saw that oprah too, and i also loved that movie. man is quincy gettin old or what? poor guy. whoopie is one of my faves and she seemed so young in that movie.
    its nice to see your dad... he looks good. you're such a good boy to see him and bring lunch each tues. SUCH A GOOOOOOOOD BOY. :p

  22. How fantastic is your dad ? Bless him.
    That Maple is magnificent.

    When Jess was diagnosed with Dyslexia - people kept saying " Susan Hampshire is Dyslexic you know" Well much as SH is a very talented actress, it meant nothing to Jess who'd never heard of her... so we looked up some famous Dyslexics... Whoopie Goldberg & Richard Branson to name two. Now - that impressed a young girl !

  23. It's great that Sophie can click with other dogs like that. My Pugsley is so different from all the others that he's never really felt a connection with any of them.
    We recently befriended someone that HAD his sister. Sadly, she had died last year.
    At least he has me:)


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